Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday, still baking

     I really wore mom out yesterday.  I drug her through 4 stores and then she came home and made a double batch of rosettes.  She was certainly ready to go to bed last night.  I however did not get much sewing done and will have to work hard today.  The shop is a wreck with all of Mom's crap in there so I will do a little cleaning today.

     Mom is going to do more rosettes today and then I think her wish list is complete.  We did all the things she wanted to get done while she was here.   She is much calmer and happier.  She has not cried in a week and has only been sick once since last Saturday.  I just hope she can keep her strength up to face what is at home.

     I have been eating way too much junk!  I must stop, but those jelly bellies just crawl out of the jar into my pocket I swear.  Mom likes lots of junk food around and I do not keep any for this very reason.  I eat it!
I need to run down to the studio as I forgot to get checks and then run make a deposit.  I did payroll last night. 

     Okay got that covered. See how blogging makes me more responsible. I just took a short break and went and gathered checks and ran them to the bank.  When I got home mom was already doing rosettes. Every time I go into the shop I make myself stop and pick up a few things and put them away.  It still does not look better.... Hmmmmm..  Could it be that there is a giant Doll House in the middle? 


      Dad did not have a job when we were born.  This was back in the day when fathers sat in the waiting room.  When the nuns came out and told him he had twin girls he said the floor came up to meet him.  Isn't that a funny way to say he passed out?  He just remembers the floor coming forward and that was it.  Dad was a bum, but a charming bum and people felt so sorry for my mom.  Mom was cherished by all who knew her.  She has a charm and a kindness that makes people want to help her.

     Some friend of my grandfather's heard that mom had, twins and dad was unemployed so he offered dad a job at the news paper as a boiler watch man.  At the time of our birth my great grandfather was staying with mom and dad.  Great Grandpa Bjorklund was in his late 80's and every month he went to stay with a different family member.  He just happened to be at mom's.  When mom brought sis home, grandpa said she looked like a skinned rabbit.  He would walk to the hospital everyday to see me.  I was behind glass and hooked up to tubes.  Grandpa would cry because of the feeding tube in my skull.  I do not know why they put it there, but I still have a big dent in the front of my head under my hair line.  I hope I never go bald because I have one ugly lumpy head.

     Things were in such a state that grandpa was not shipped off at his usual time.  He did not want to leave mom and the babies.  When I finally came home, mom said he was a god send.  She could feed one and he would hold the other.  Because they lived in a small apartment and grandpa was on the sofa, he would get up in the night with mom for our feedings.  I don't remember my great grandfather, I just know him by pictures.  A wizened old bald man holding a skinned rabbit.  But he must have played a large part in the forming of my personality.  When I look at his picture I feel that I know him deeply.

     Mom said that people were so good to her.  Every single person that gave her a gift at her baby shower went out and bought an identical gift.  Even the man at the furniture store delivered another crib and dresser free of charge.  Mom sent back the crib.  I was very fussy in the hospital, when I got home I was placed in a bassinet away from sis. My mom put us in the crib at opposite ends and when she would come back  we would be on top of each other.  She would separate us and within and hour we would worm our way over to the other.  We just wanted to be close.

     Grandpa finally left and went to stay with one of his daughters.  But he drove her crazy, he worried and fussed about his babies.  Finally he was put back on a bus and sent to Fargo.  He would continue to live with us until a few days before his death.

    Sis and I talked very early.  I mean full sentences at 9 months.  I do not know if it was the constant adult conversation, or the attention we received as twins.   We were so small that we would scare people with out adult like vocabulary.  How could that phrase come out of someone so little? We learned to be showmen very early.  I think those  early years where we were so charming and precocious would come back to haunt us.


     I have to get into the shop and get busy.  Need to earn me some money!

Out My Window:  Beautiful Fall day, riot of reds, and yellows.  I brought all the acorn squash in this morning as they are done hardening off.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. love reading about your past. Your great grandpa, was he Norweigan? His name kinda sounded like it. Of course I could be way off. You are one hard working lady!

  2. Junk food is my vice too! I eat way too much of it. I have tried not buying it but then I hear complaints from hubby and the kids. Love your stories about your past!