Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday, frustrated with people in general

     I have been getting several phone calls from parents to join Celtic classes.  These phone calls are time consuming and I am busy, but if you want your business to grow you have to field them as the true professional that you are (sarcasm)  Last night I had 4 new students.  Two did not show (these were the least aggravating).  One showed and bawled the whole time.  She was 10 and had great technique, looked like an intelligent kid, cried and hung on to her mom.  The Second refused to dress and sat by her mother the entire time, the Helicopter mom explaining over and over about her piano and choir classes.  I could give a rip about those, are you taking dance or not?  I have a Celtic show in 9 weeks and I need to get choreography started.  I have plenty of students and I don't need more.  I especially don't need ones with parents that have not broke them of the crying, clinging habit by 10 or 12.

     Then I have a gentleman drop off 2 compression stockings that need new zippers.   I call the number and tell the person whom I have already talked to that they will indeed be $25.00 a piece to replace.  She goes into a tirade about how I was not home (I was at mom's) and she had to send this gentleman several times and waste his gas (not my problem)  I did not return her calls (I was at mom's no cell coverage) not my problem.  I had discussed with her the probable cost and when I saw them I was sure of that cost.  I told her to order new ones, but these cost over $200.00 each and are ordered from Germany.  Then $25.00 to fix them is a bargain.  Yes she agreed.  But now it is way too expensive.  She wants both done for $40.00.  I don't dicker.  She is on SSI, I have caused her stress.  No lady you have caused me stress with your blame and complaining.  You can just tell that this is how she has always gotten her way and bullied people.  I am a very giving person and would do the socks for free if she was truly and honest humble person but she is not.  She is looking for blame and twisting details to get a lower price.  GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

     Oh, Kim you are such a grouch!  No just tired of stupid people.  Call me Sluggy Jr.  Okay I cannot aspire to such a great name but really folks?  Really?

     Okay rant over.  I paid all the small bills yesterday and continue to save and try to get through the month.  I am really shocked at how much I have spent this month on groceries so that is coming to a stop.  I will be going to Mom's tomorrow and Hub's is going to Boise next week so neither of us will need to eat here until Wednesday (me) or Friday (him)  that should help.  He will also get reimbursed for his gas and food next week.  

  I am going to sew all day today and am rather looking forward to it!  I have to run and get a bunch of zippers, don't have them in my stash.

Out My Window:  Foggy, bad, Foggy.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I don't know how you deal with all those parents! Would drive me insane. I'd be like "just drop them off and pick them up later. They will be fine" LOL

  2. I was never one of the parents to hang around to "check on" my kids. Unless it was a performance or a game or play I was out the door. You certainly don't need parents hanging around.

    And really when I take my things to the tailor or the cobbler I am paying for their talent and skill. I know that have things replaced and reworked is cheaper than buying new so I gladly pay them what they ask. IE my work shoes cost 200.00 but I take them to the cobbler every year and he puts in new insoles, polishes them replaces heels if needed and this way I can stretch them out to 4 years. Some people have to much nerve and to little class

  3. Lady dickering for lower price.....another one of those people who thinks she is entitled, oh so abundant now in our society. Yes, it's not just the younger folks growing up like this, for they had to learn this from their elders, so our generations are just as guilty of it....I think even more so the baby boomers have this mentality.

    Don't you love sheltered immature kids and their helicopter and/or tiger moms? At least I only have to deal with unpleasant people online and NOT in person.....I am thankful for that. 8-)

  4. As a mom of a very shy little girl, I kind of feel for the parents. However, I've learned that the best way to cope with this is to leave (as long as I'm comfortable with her safety). When I'm out of the picture, she is so much better. By 9 or 10, you would think the parents know this.

  5. Ouch. You handled that lady pretty well, actually... my patience is a lot shorter. I get to deal with too many people who think I owe them things just because they decided to pick up the phone and call me. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hopefully you will have a better "people day" tomorrow. Good for you for standing up for yourself with the zipper lady. ...and don't even get me started on helicopter parents...ugh

  7. I don't tolerate that kind of person either and I think you handled it brilliantly. Your work is your livelihood and no one should try to take "food out of your mouth" by trying to be CHEAP!! Whatever happened to gratitude and paying an honest price for honest work. SHE should be damn grateful she doesn't have to pay out $400 (though she might have to now tee hee!!)

  8. I just started NOT sewing for certain people. Then, I got tired of sewing for all but two people. I just ordered a ton of fabric, drafted patterns, made the clothes and took them to a boutique and let them sell them. If I made and sold an outfit, the deal was, "If you try this on and hate it, walk away and don't pay for it." People said they were afraid I would be angry or never sew for them again. I assured them that someone would buy the outfit that never left me.
    I had a woman with twin girls going to the prom. She wanted me to make two prom dress by a size 10 pattern, just make one a little smaller than a 10 and the other a little larger. WHAT? She said I did not need to measure them. I told her I would not alter anything for anybody if I were not able to measure! THEN, she wanted a deal because she was "letting" me make two just alike, so it would not take me so long. She whined about the cost of dressing two girls from babyhood up to 17, how she needed a break from me. I refused, left, and never heard from her again. Thank heaven! I knew nothing would ever be right with my sewing according to her. I wonder if she whined to wm to sell her tampons at a deal for her.

    My daughter cried and clung to me until she was nine or tten, but at five she wanted to "dance like Jeanie," so dance was the only place she let go of me. She was still a shy dancer. I told her, "Sell yourself." Then, I realized what I said. LOL. She was taking private lessons by six and a half. She performed like the stage was hers alone. Then, the next day she would infuriate me by crying on the baseball field. Most of the time, I just ripped her off of me and shoved her in the room. I know that is bad, so don't say it.

    Finally, I designed and sewed Cabbage Patch clothes and made a fortune. Then, I made and sold dog clothes wholesale. I like wholesale better than one person at a time! Pet shops frightened me, but it was better than people.

    My daughter grew to be an amazing singer who excelled and won awards. I give dance all the credit for her stage presence and confidence. I was ready to throw up when she was about seven just before a solo dance. She was swinging her feet and looking happy. I asked, "Are you not nervous at all?" She looked at me and said, "What's to be nervous about?" I know that is not a good question to ask, but I had to know. After one group dance on stage, she never had stage fright ever again.

    Oh, her middle school was so large that the musical was performed for six nights with a different cast every night. She had the first night in the starring role. She was so good that the other five starring parts for the rest of the week would go on stage because they said they could never do half as well as she did in her singing role. So, she was the only person who was on stage for all six nights. Not only was she a coloratura soprano, she was cool on stage. Her voice made her performance, but dance took away all the stagefright.

    She is a very confidant woman with a son who sings and seems not to have a bit of stage fright, EVER, as he got the starring role in his high school musical. Ordinarily, he is quiet and shy.

    Sorry this is so long.

    1. I meant to say the other five girls who had the starring role the other five nights of the week refused to sing because they knew they could not perform as well as my daughter on the first night. So she starred in the musical all six nights of its performance.