Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday, Okay off the pity party train

     I need to get my butt kicked into gear.  I am behind on many things and just wasting time right and left.  The problem is I really don't care and I need to CARE!  So this week my goal is to get off the pity party and get back to work.

     January, which is the longest coldest month of the year is almost over, so I cannot use that as an excuse.  I have more than enough to keep busy so I cannot use lack of work as an excuse.  My arthritis is controlled although I still have significant pain, so that is somewhat of an excuse, but as it won't be going away using it as an excuse is just too depressing even for me.  I refuse to be taken down.

     This week I need to get my taxes lined up as the accountants appointment is next week. Before I allow myself to get out any tax folders I want to get caught up in my shop.  This will be my goal for the next two days. I must get reasonably caught up.  More work will be coming in today and it is getting a bit overwhelming.  Funny how that can happen in a week.  I am very grateful for the work every little bit helps me to get further and further out of debt.  The more I make in the shop the less I have to use out of paychecks and they can go right to bills. 

     I plan on paying the car payment today even though Hubby does not get paid until Thursday.  That way I can update my totals and then face February.  February is always my hardest month financially as I have extra bills that month.  Once I get the house payment made I will work on another big bill and see if I can get the shop to pay it.  It will be a thrill if I can get that done.

     All I can do to really help myself is work.  The more money that is made the more bills I can pay off.  There is a fine line between working hard and working too much.  SO I must watch myself.

Out My Window:  Cold, overcast, blah!

     We have groceries and both cars are full of gas, I hope to not spend very much money this week.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I've been off my game lately, too, and have resolved to get moving on all the things that need to be done. Next up, taxes. We can do this!!

  2. It is easy to get off your game, and hard to get back in it. But you can do it!

  3. Im sure you will feel better when the weather starts getting nicer! Here's hoping February turns into a wonderful month for you!

  4. I agree if the weather perks up it will perk up your mood as well.

  5. There's a number of us having pity parties lately. I will be so happy (relatively speaking) when this week and month are over. February is only 28 days while January seems to have lasted FOREVER! And it's so stinking cold! There must be a light at the end of the tunnel - maybe I'm just looking in the wrong direction. Hang in there! Sew sew sew and pay pay pay!

  6. I have been feeling off my game too... with the freakishly cold weather and snow we have had lately and fighting off colds..... Am going to try to get some things done today, but so far I have no energy and just want to snuggle on the couch....