Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, I need to stop feeling rich......

     It is easy to feel rich when you own a business and receipts start to come in and your bank balance grows.  You look at that sum and feel rich.  However you have not paid any bills and in reality you are not rich you are broke.  If you paid all your payables you would have no money.  Right now I feel rich and I don't want to pay my bills.  I want to imagine I have a lot of money.  Does anyone else do this?

    I had two parents pay for the semester and the total of the two checks is $1000.00 which has made me feel even richer. So I will use this money to pay off the overdraft loan or else I will fritter it into the big rat hole.  So today I must pay all the bills I can and grow up.  Drat and double drat!

     I dropped Hubby off this morning and picked him back up, made him some pancakes and he is a happy camper.  He came down the stairs and almost fell, so I am insisting that he stay on the couch or in bed until later this afternoon.  If he falls I cannot pick him up.

     I have a pot of chicken parts boiling on the stove to make broth and when it is de boned I am going to put it in Judy and make a chicken stew.  I am also going to throw together 4 more loaves of bread.

     There is sewing to do in the shop and I need the money so I will get busy.

Out My Window:  Beautiful day, sun is shining it is 48 degrees, it is tempting to work outside today.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Just what Judy be stuffed full of chicken!!

  2. I am right with you. Need to stop feeling rich.

  3. I used to do that for a day or so when DH had his business and would get a big check in for the month (like $30,000) - but woosh...paid all the equipment and bill payments the next day and was broke again.

  4. LOL I have made it to the big time! I think I might be developing a crock pot reputation.

    Tomorrow is bill paying day around here as I get paid on the 15th and the 30th but you are right for a few minutes I feel like oooohhh I could go buy new chairs or something but then I put on the big girl panties and pay the bills. Such is life. Glad that two people paid you for the whole semester have come a long way since feeling guilty about collecting money. I am in awe of you!

  5. Just because you have to use the money to pay your bills doesn't mean you have to think you're dirt poor and kick yourself. Use that feeling of having money to stay motivated to pay off your debt. You will be able to pay it off eventually, and then you can really “feel rich” without having to worry of a looming financial obligation. Just be patient, and I'm sure you'll overcome it. ;)

    Hortensia Whitworth @