Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday, happiness, elation, depths of despair!

     How can one person go through so many emotions in one day?  Let me tell you how.

     Went to clean out desk and pay the one bill I had not paid last month and get this months budget ready, found out that our internet(which is crappy and slow) had gone up to $51.99.  No way am I paying that.  So called just like I did last year and got it lowered to $24.99.  I was Happy!

     Balanced checkbook and realized with hubby's 3 paycheck month and an extra check for $265.00 I could fully fund the emergency fund to $1000.00.  I was elated!

     When I was in Missoula I hand delivered Hubby's violin bow to be re haired by a reputable company.  Hub's would not mail it as two of his quartet players had sent in bows and their bow was not returned.  This is a silver tipped Winkler bow that he purchased over 40 years ago.  He has had several offers for much more than that to buy it from him.  I paid the man and extra $20.00 for shipping and insurance as I could not stay until it was fixed.  Man mailed it back with a $150.00 priority mail sticker and the bow came in with the tip broke off!  This bow is valued anywhere from $1800.00 to $3000.00.  We have found likenesses at Christye's and Sotheby's.  The bow can be fixed  because of where the break is and the springiness of the bow will not be damaged.  It will play the same.  (you can play on any violin it is the bow that needs to be really good quality).  The value of the bow however is greatly diminished.  Hubby is just sick.  So sick in fact he did not eat last night and hubby always eats.  We figured a mail carrier opened the screw end to see what it was as it looks like a pipe bomb and dropped the bow out of the case on it's tip.  But why, why did the string guy only insure it for $150.00 minimum value alone was $1000.00?  I left him $20.00 to offset the cost of more insurance.    I could hardly sleep last night.  Hub's has never had a boat or a motorcycle, or any toys so to speak, just his bow and instruments.  This is who he is, and I feel so bad for him.  So depths of despair.

     Actually he is handling this today in a very fair and Christian fashion, I am out for blood which shows you he is a much better person that I.

    So now I am working on getting $500.00 for the house payment next week and my next bill payoff will be the Overdraft Protection at our personal credit union.  Let's see if I can do it this month.  It will be tight, but I am really watching my pennies.

Out My Window:  The sun shown today and it was so nice to be out of the fog.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I would be furious about the bow and my husband would have to hold me back. How awful! You HAVE had an up and down day. I hope it all works out.

  2. I'd sue the guy you left it with if he didn't insure it for enough $. Surely, being in the music biz he would KNOW what the bow was worth.
    You're too nice to say it, so I will....what a cheap bastard asshat!!

  3. Ugh, I'm so sorry! I would be furious too!

  4. My heart weeps for hubby. What a tragedy!

  5. I am so, so sorry to hear about the bow. I love sluggy's definition of him - perfect.

  6. What an awful thing to happen! Your hubby must be hearbroken. What was the guys excuse for not insuring it properly? Take him to small claims court, maybe?

  7. That's so awful and upsetting! Ugh, I would be really ticked off... I am sure he's just feeling so bad that he's not as angry as he's upset and disappointed. Poor thing.