Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, up and att'em, What can you do in 10 minutes?

     It seems like a lot of us are out of sorts and I don't even have the intense cold to blame.  I really feel for you that are enduring the negative weather.  We are having a pretty typical winter here but we really need more snow and rain.  We will face severe drought conditions this summer if we don't get more sow in the mountains and more rain here below.  Weather:  It is always something.  I heard one old timer say, "I have been here 45 years and seen two normal years."  That about sums up the weather.

     I had so much trouble sleeping last night.  I just really dislike not being able to sleep, it is so aggravating. I hope tonight is better.  On top of being off your game and then no sleep seems kind of unfair to me:)

     If you will notice the side totals I paid all the bills for the month and I am down over $3000.00 so that is a positive note.  I still have a large payment to make to Studio CC and will report that at the end of the week.  I also noticed that two of my bills were close to turning over into a lower e 1000  place.  If I had noticed that when I paid them I would have paid more.  I just love it when a bill drops below a 1000 place.  I just feel more progress even if something comes in at 4,999.  I can say I am below $5000.  Silly but it works for me.

     I did not get as much sewing done yesterday as I seemed to have so many interruptions.  Today I have no excuses and will spend the majority of the day sewing.  I had more working come in yesterday and have more coming in today so I need to get busy.

     I played , "What can you do in 10 minutes yesterday."  I had so many interruptions, so I would tell myself I have 10 minutes what can I get down rather than wasting time?

 I can fold and transfer a load of laundry.
I can clean out the sock basket and put away all the socks and a load of folded laundry.
I can iron 12 pillow cases on the mangler (I know, I know how most of you feel about ironing)
I can organized my sewing into manageable groups.
I can wipe off the kitchen table and put away the dishes.


  1. I'm sorry you couldn't sleep last night. I hope tonight will be better for you.

    I often play a 15-minute game. I actually time myself to see how much I can achieve in this short period of time. This morning I cleaned the bathroom (still need to wipe the floor there).

  2. $3000 is great progress! And I feel the same way about the 1000's....and when it drops below some "significant" number (like below 25k, or 10k) it is like the Julie Andrews singing in the Sound of Music....the hills are alive....with the sound of music........

  3. well done on paying down your debts some. I hate it when I have a restless night. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.

  4. I do the game too but I usually try to see what I can do between TV commercials--transfer laundry from washer to dryer, wash a few dishes, etc. We too need more rain and snow in the mountains (although I am loving our warm weather). We are already in a bad drought condition here and it isn't getting better.

  5. Great job on paying down the debt totals!!

    Hope you get some better sleep tonight.

  6. How about taking a break for 10 minutes! I think you have earned it after all that you got done and the money that you paid down on your bills!