Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tues. Terrible headache

     Woke today with terrible headache and I slept too late.  I was up late reading so it is not that I slept too much.  Waiting for the Advil to kick in so I can function some.  I have  a sewing appointment at someones house in 1/2 an hour so I need to feel better fast.  I also need to go clean up a little as in brush teeth and fix hair and maybe a little makeup?

     Okay headache gone and appointment kept, still not 100% but at least not throbbing when I cough:)
I was busy yesterday, sewing, working on books, and cooking. I have posted in the past about my new mixer and I thought I would show it to you.  Making 4,  2 lb loaves of WW bread is so easy now.  I love dense ww and nutty breads, but they are $5.49 a loaf and it is a small loaf.  This will save us so much money.  Why do you go to the store?  For me it is bread and milk, and we don't drink much milk.

Put raw  hard red wheat into grinder.

Out comes the WW flour, which I fine and course grind 1/2 and 1/2

My new Bosch mixer, throw everything in and start mixing keep steady for 8 minutes.
While bread is mixing, add carrots, onion and de-boned chicken and celery to homemade chicken stock. This pile of peels will go to our real chicken!
Waiting to be x-ferred to Judy!
                                              Bread is ready to cut into 4 loaves!

                                                                     Bread is raising!

                                                                Into the oven!
                                                     Now enjoy your bread. See that Judy is looking on
                                                             in rapture, she is such a kind judge.

     While I was raising and baking I was also down stairs sewing and doing the bills.  I paid almost every thing due except little bill's under $100.00 that can be picked off as money comes in.  So now I must be very careful and I am broke so to speak.

     I did pay off the Overdraft protection $1000.00 so another bill bites the dust.  This is now how I will have $100.00 extra in my budget for something else.  My real goal this month is to be very careful now so I can get a large payment onto the studio CC by Jan 1st.  Anything left in the studio account by the 1st will go on that card.  I really wanted to pay off the Studio loc which will be under $4000.00 soon and free up another $150.00 a month, but the Studio credit card is so high and scary.  I just have not decided.  Can I let it go one more month like this?  We will see. Decisions, decisions, all based on fear and frustration.

     Hub's and I had to go to the grocery store last night can you believe that after our expensive trip to Winco?  I was out of garlic, now who runs out of garlic?  I don't think I ever have as hub's accuses me of putting it on ice cream.  But alas Judy ate the last clove.

     I picked up diet coke, bread crumbs, lots of garlic( keeps  away the vampires) and cheap burger and sausage.  $29.46, and no more grocery stores for a while.  I swear!

Out My Window: Beautiful sunny, dry about 50 degrees.  I love the weather but we really need rain and snow or we will go into a severe drought.

I had better get to work, my kitchen is a disaster, I have an antique wedding dress soaking in the wash machine to get the stains out and the shop is calling.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am sure that Judy needed that clove of garlic. After all she is such a hard working girl! Your bread looks so nice. I have the bread machine going right now so we will have warm bread with dinner

  2. I hope you feel better (and I really hope you dont have the flu that is going around!). p.s. the bread looks delicious!!

  3. Sorry about your headache, Kim. Hope you are feeling better soon! I bet that bread tastes amazing! YUM!

  4. Hi- have you ever done food elimination experiments to see whether diet soda, gluten, sugar, etc. are contributing to your health issues? Check out Mark's Daily Apple as a resource.

  5. How long have you had your Bosch mixer? I think I am in the market and have actually never seen one before. I thought I would be seeking a Kitchen Aid, but now maybe not.