Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday, making more money, we are getting a Winco!

     No, I am not applying for a job at Winco, (settle down Judy).  We are just getting a new Winco grocery store here.  Yippee!  Winco is the cheapest grocery store in the state or area.  Many people drive the 30 miles to Moscow just to shop at one.  I never miss an opportunity to shop at Winco when I can.  This is really going to cramp the style of many of our grocery stores around here.  Groceries here are very high.  I am so happy.  The store is supposed to be open this summer.

     I was a secret shopper at Winco for the 7 years my oldest was in college and law school.  I am going to contact the company and see if I can get this back.  It was $120.00 every three months.  Not bad for shopping where you go any way.  I will take $40.00 a month in free groceries.  I also like Winco because they have a huge bulk food section.  You can get dark honey for under $3.00 a lb.  I can get many grains for bread and really good prices.  Judy was just saying how expensive bread is.  Now I realize that the cheap white bread (I like to call foam) can be purchased for about $1.00 a loaf, but I want a good thick, nutty, grainy Whole Wheat bread.  The loaves are heavier but there are less slices.  The kind of bread I like is over $5.00 a loaf.  We go through at least 3-4 loaves of bread a week.  I figure I save at least $50-60.00 a month just making bread and rolls when I need them.

     Hubs and I went to the grocery store last night and spent $52.00.  I had three no spend days in a row and was trying for 4of them, but hubs was adamant about going to the store.  Yogurt, tortillas, chips for super bowl, soda, fruit, cream of tarter(on sale) and a prescription.  We are having one family over for super bowl.  They are bringing dip and a rice and chicken dish, we are providing chips, drink, and dessert and I will make something good and chocolatey.

     Thanks for you comments on my rant about having no extra money when you start cutting your budget to pay off debt.  Cash only living hit the nail on the head with her comment about finding more work.  When things get really stressful for me financially I just work more.  I find extra ways to earn money in addition to trying to save money.  My sewing is certainly a way to a earn more money.  In the past I have done many things to earn extra money.  My only problem with this, is that I would spend and then find a way to earn and then spend some more, eventually I had 6-7 jobs or contracts and I am sure this is what led to my health problems.  I think my body just broke down from stress and over work.  It affected my immune system.  So although I do advocate trying to earn more money as a strategy for getting out of debt, it can be a double edged sword for me.  I had to learn to spend less, so I could work less.

     What things have you done in your past to earn more money and help pay off bills faster?

I sewed like a Banshee yesterday and I need to get into my shop today for a few hours.  I may also sew some tonight when I get home from teaching.  I am doing taxes tomorrow.  I am hoping to really hit them abd get them done in the next two days.

Out My Window:  It rained all day yesterday.  I was hoping for more today, but it is just overcast and cloudy.

     Getting a late start today, but I had some house work to catch up on.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I was wondering about your mixer. Awhile back you posted about it and showed pictures of it mixing bread. Do you happen to know the model number? I am researching mixers and thought for sure I wanted a kitchenaid, but I had never heard of Bosch and wanted to look into those before I decide. DH loves the heavy, nutty breads and I would rather have a mixer than another bread machine.

  2. I love Winco! It is my go to store for nearly ALL my groceries except meat. :)

  3. We have a Winco down the road. I've shopped there a few times, but they had the same prices as the Super Walmart, just down the road, too, and I HATE bagging my own groceries, LOL.

  4. It’s commendable how you are doing everything you can to save. I think it’s okay to indulge a little once in a while. You deserve it. After all, you said you went for three days without spending. You might want to try ethnic grocery stores if there are some near you. They carry much cheaper produce. Also, try dollar stores. They have cheap canned goods. You can save up to $150 in a year.

    Barry Sutton