Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday. fire anyone?

$64.80 groceries, and I still need many things.  We ate leftovers, but tonight I think we will go out.  I will use a gift card.

     I was able to zip through the messy upstairs and get two loads of laundry started (which reminds me to go check on it) in an hour.  I am eternally grateful to my Sissie for turning me on to fly lady years ago.  Believe me it really works. By 1:30 I was ready to get out the door and I pulled a few cereal coupons off the Internet, as I was doing that the light fixture that we just replaced the florescent s in last week went bonkers.  It started to sizzle and flash and then went out with a pop.  I thought to myself great not we have to replace the light fixture or at least the ballast.  No big deal.  I continued to load the truck with my machine and different things to take to the high school.  At the last minute I went up stairs for something and when I turned the corner to go through the family room which was dark as the light had fizzled out I could see smoke throughout the room and smell burning.  Called 911.

     Went outside per their instructions and the police man across the street was outside I told him Fire dept. was coming and he went in garage and got a fire extinguisher.  He then sprayed the fixture and went to the fuse box to turn off power.  Fire department got here and all was out, but the disconnected the fixture and told me the fire was burning in the ceiling below the front room or the crawl space between floors.  Man across the street had put it out, but if I had not been home?  Just a little bit of a disaster.

     So I left for the high school a little wiser.  I actually stayed for the show last night as I had not seen all the parts and the kids believe it or not did a great job.  Little cretins, they always pull it out at the last minute.  Tonight I have a professional Irish dancer coming in from out of town for a two hour lesson with my older girls.  Hubs has to play in the pit so we will eat early and go our separate ways.

     As you can see I did not get my shop looked at at all yesterday.  It is a disaster so that is my concentration for today.  I have a lot to do.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Wow.. It could have been so much worse. Talk about good luck on being home!

  2. Yikes! I'm glad all is ok!!!

  3. Yikes! So glad that everything turned out ok. That is scary.

  4. Oh my gosh, thats more excitement than you need. Thank god you were there. xx