Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday, relax,replace

$8.66 asparagus on sale$1.49 lb.and some soda. Went out for a pizza, D#2 joined us we ordered 2 pizzas came home with a whole pizza so we will have leftovers today. Paid with gift cards.

     Slept late and it was lovely.  Dreading the time change tomorrow.  Not so much for my own sake but it is so hard on my students when they are little.  I will love the longer evenings.  Hub's can work in the yard.  He is very tired as I knew he would be.

     We need to go get groceries as we are out of almost everything and we also need to replace the light fixture in the basement and hubs wants a new reading lamp as the one we have downstairs is broken.  Actually the one we have upstairs is also broken but jury rigged to come on and off with a timer.  I think we must be hard on lamps.

     Hub's has rehearsal at 5 and the show lasts until 10.  I am going tonight with my ballet mistress that will be fun.  Then home to crash.  Not a very exciting day, but who needs excitement after the week I've had.  I want to go look at new baby chicks, but Hub's does not want anything else to be responsible for until the shows and spring planting are over.  New chicks are some responsibility and worry.  I could do that but I think it adds to his stress so I will just go look today and pine.

     I was actually able to get some work done in the shop yesterday, and next week I will hit it full throttle.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I really hate the time change... I find it throws me off and the kids! I wish we could just do away with it already! lol! Hope you had a great day! :)

  2. So glad the girls are better. We moved to this town when our oldest was 7. She had pneumonia 2 years in a row in our very cold town in Wyoming. Doctor told us to move her to a warmer climate or face the issue every year.. When she went to college where it was much colder she immediately got sick every year. Some people just don't do cold well.