Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday, officially exhausted

$12.16 Milk,cheese,bacon.  Ate at theater, made chicken salad and buns and a chocolate bundt cake.  Have leftover's for hub's tonight.

     Both Hub's and I are so tired.  How did I (we)ever maintain this schedule?  I also had kids at home.  I guess age and illness has something to do with it, I just never believed it before now:)  I am just so very tired.  I mean sleepy tired. Lay my head down on the key board tired.  However life is continuing around me and I need to be a grownup.  A tired grownup.

     Let's see, we are out of almost everything fresh in the house and desperately need groceries.  I am out of a very important prescription. The bed has not been made in 3 days, there are clothes that need to go into the laundry (like large piles), the kitchen is a stinky mess from yesterday, the dining room has fabric and cut out material all over from the wedding dress I made for the play, when we moved out the bible stand (also for the play) I was left with piles of music all over the living room, and my shop is piled to the ceiling with work most of which will need to be picked up tomorrow.  So what is a girl to do?  I have until 2:30 to get something done and I cannot take a nap......  Oh and lest I forget I do have a dance studio to run so I must make a deposit and so payroll tonight, go figure?

     So I had better make a list or something will be forgotten,

1. clean up as in hair and makeup( I look like a baba yaga in dance clothing.)
2. Make bed and straighten our room
3. start a load of laundry
4. clean the kitchen
5. make up a deposit for studio and then take to the bank
6. go to Albertson's pick up prescription and groceries that are on sale.  (Butter and cereal)
7. Organize shop, what needs to be done first?
8.  Run pay the studio insurance as you forgot to mail it.
9.  Get to High school with sewing machine and kit by 2:30
10. Go to studio at 4:00 do pay roll and teach
11. Back to theater at 6:00 to touch up costumes and hair
12.  Open at 7:00 and go home and collapse.  I don't believe I will stay for the show.  Maybe I will I will see how I feel.

     I am just grateful I don't have to cook anything today.  I have know idea what order to do any of the above in as I am too tired to really care so I guess I will get moving as I just have to have my time frame organized not necessarily what get's done when.

Pray for me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. you'll be glad when the show is over......

  2. That seems like a really long list! Good luck with it. If there was ever a week for take out pizza this is it!

  3. Good grief woman. You put all of us to shame ;) I hope that you can get some rest this weekend.