Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday, a friend in need

Dinner at theater, I made a large salad as I had everything ready and used a spice cake mix out of storage to make a bundt cake.
$8.22 toilet paper, yes the storage is getting low.

     Whew! yesterday was a Kim day if I ever lived through one.  I think today looks the same.  The high school musical is kind of a mess right now and they open in two days.  The director and I have been close friends for 25 years.  I don't really know what is going on, but things are not up to snuff.  I think the biggest problem is that we are both getting older and we are just tired.  It takes so much effort to get 60 kids costumed and on stage.  She is a great director, and the school district has her way too busy.  When I opened the studio I had to take a step back from working non stop on school productions.  They still use all my choreography which they get from tapes and my costumes are still in use as they can be larger or smaller with ease, but it is all  the extras that are getting her down.   It just gets to a point that someone else has to come in and yell.  I don't really have the time but I will make the time because she would do it for me.

     I have a pile of costumes to fix, hems, replace broken zippers and only one costume to make.  So  my day is cut out for me.  Speaking of cuttng out I need to go cut out the wedding dress for the final scene.  It is a simple 40's style dress.  I agreed to be at the school at 2:30 which really cuts into my day.  The girls, and I think there are about 35 of them need a tutorial on how to do their hair.  I can put up hair in a flash as I spent so much time back stage and my sisters and I all had really long hair and so do my daughters.  You get good and fast at things you do regularly.  So french twists and up do's here we come.  Right now my hands and wrists are in good enough shape.  There have been times in the past few years where I could not even hold a hair brush so I feel blessed that I am able.

     I have 4 hours to get too much done and have to be at the studio at 4,  I am thinking of just letting the crew go on by themselves this evening as I really only teach one class with another teacher and then supervise the rest of the night.  We will see how my day goes.

Have a great and productive day I know I will......... splat!



  1. I love following your blog but I'm a little mixed up..... Do you own the studio or is it a job?

  2. Ditto on that! I came late to the party on this blog, so I don't really know the scoop, except you seem so busy that my head spins when I read about your daily life! You are such a hard worker. Questions:

    You work as a seamstress, right? Do you have a separate shop for this? Do you rent this, own it, or is it attached to your house somehow?

    You work as a dance instructor, right? Do you have a separate studio and employees for this? Do you lease this space? Own it?

    What are the studio and sewing loans for on your sidebar?

    What does it mean to go non-profit on your dance studio, if indeed this is your dance business?

    Sorry for all these questions, but I read about your busy life, and I don't really know what you do for a living!


  3. I'm a friend of Kim's and my daughter dances at her studio, so I can answer some of your questions in brief: Kim runs a sewing shop out of the basement of her home. She is an amazing seamstress. She also worked as a dance instructor for another dance studio until about 7 years ago when she opened her own dance studio with her middle daughter (then a HS student) as an assistant instructor. She teaches Celtic dance, ballet, jazz, and tap at the studio. She is the main instructor for Celtic, but has trained/brought in additional instructors for ballet, jazz, and tap. However, she still supervises and helps with choreography for the entire studio as needed. She is applying for non-profit status for the studio so she can apply for community arts grants, etc. in order to have a broader presence in the community, as well as for other tax benefits. She used to choreograph all the jr. high/HS musical theatre productions in town, as well as sew costumes for them, but now has scaled way back on that. She has enough energy for 3 women, and really puts me to shame! Hats off to you, Kim...hope you don't mind me explaining your life away!