Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday, plenty to keep me busy.

     I spent Saturday cleaning the fridge and cooking up what ever I could find that needed cooking before it went bad.    I did this while I was waiting for the youngest to get down from University.  She arrived about noon and I took her right to the clinic.  We were sent home to wait 3.5 hours as they were cued up with the whole town calling in sick.  Baby rested and I sliced and cooked up Fajitas, made guacamole, I sliced a huge bag of salad greens for the week,  Sliced up mushrooms for dishes .  Really cleaned and organized what we had left in there.  I cooked sweet potatoes and broccoli and cauliflower.  Thus can all be reheated to eat at whim which is great for us .  This will be a really busy week with the next musical opening.

     Hubs was sure happy to see the first one close.  I went to the show on Saturday after I had daughter all settled down and medicated and resting.  The show was way too long.  They could have cut many of the scenes.  It had many cute moments, but too many kids either could not act or sing, so even with all there professional help the show was painful to watch.  Some of the students were very good, but they did not out weigh the bad.

     Daughter had 1/2 of her face infected with Bacteria.  Her right sinus and her ear and eye were all swollen.  She was coughing non stop.  So she was given an anti biotic and a cough expectorant/suppressant.   I made her stay home Saturday night so I could keep her fever down.  I knew that as soon as the antibiotics took affect she would be a new woman.  She was when she left yesterday.
She was noting that we have really gone through our storage items.  I don't see much of a difference.  But, the soups are gone, ketchup, mayo, boxes of cereal.  Toilet paper and cleaning supplies are low.  It is a work in progress.  We still have a lot of beans to eat.

     Hub's spent about 5 hours yesterday wood shedding the next musical.  He will be in full long rehearsal with them for the next 3 days and they open Thursday.  As he will eat dinner for the next 3 nights with the cast I will need to take something to  the group dinner.  I have not decided.  Maybe a large salad and a cake.  It will be something I can easily do on hand.

     I had to dip into my savings account this weekend for meds and such so I must look at my books and figure out where I stand financially and I am sure not to like it much, but must be grateful I have something to fall back on. One step forward, two steps back that is my life right now.

     I have 3 zippers to replace in costume dresses, I have one dress to lengthen and put a kick pleat up the back and another that I have to make,  So I had better get into the shop.  This is going to be a very busy non stop day, once I let it start.

So as we say in Irish dance

1,2,3 and off we go....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. you are a busy bee that's for sure. Glad to hear your daughter is feeling a little better.

  2. What an ordeal for your daughter - it seems like everyone is sick these days. Glad she is improving.

  3. "Half her face infected with bacteria" Do you mean an infection on her skin? That's horrid.