Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday, I should not have gotten up....

We ate leftovers.  No Spend. Already my day is a mess so who knows what I will cook.

     Youngest daughter is sick with I think the same thing I have had, I have not seen her in over a month so I doubt she caught it from me.  I am making her come down here and taking her to the doctor as the Health service at the University will only issue her birth control pills because all students are drug addicts and cannot be given a cough suppressant. 

     Husband needs gas for car and the oil changed.  Now I can understand the gas but can't you wait another week for the oil?  No he is like a dog to a bone that man.  I shouldn't complain because we don't have many car problems.  Knock on wood.

     I am $15.00 short of my goal for the house payment and I am very proud of myself  as I did it in a week, but now I see it drifting away on doctors and meds and gas and oil.  So my hard work goes down the drain.   I am whining about life and I should be grateful it isn't something worse.  Kids get sick, cars need maintenance.  I have money in savings I just want it to stay there.  Grrrrrrr!

Okay I am over my rant.  I have enough peppers, and avocados in the fridge for a good Mexican fiesta so that is what we are having for dinner tomorrow.  I am going to go upstairs and clean out the fridge and organize it to work off some of my frustration.

     I was able to clean my shop yesterday and my desk work area is too cluttered.  I am not sure what to do about it, I am thinking a work in progress.  I need to clean out the shop closet and organize it a little better to give me room for office crap that I have to keep.  I haven't thrown anything away for a while and everyone who sews knows how the stuff breeds.

     I have several things that need to be mended for the play next week as the director brought me a new armful, mostly zippers. The sun is shining and there is plenty to do.  I think I just need to get moving and stop thinking.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Mexican fiesta sounds delicious. I love avocados that are perfectly ripe. Hope your daughter gets well soon.

  2. here's hoping your daughter gets well soon. Well done on scraping together your house payment!!

  3. That's what i ate last night (tonight too as there are leftovers!) My daughter went to Chicago for a week and left behind several avos, tomatoes, peppers etc. She makes and eats a very chunky vegetable filled guacamole almost every day! Can't let them go to waste now can I?