Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday, Still croaking....

No Spend, no left the couch:) Have no idea what I am having for dinner.  Have some rib lets thawed and lots of stuff for a salad.  I will see where my low energy takes me.

     Did not sleep much at all last night.  Hot, then cold, cough, cough.  Cough is really loose and gross.  Hope today is better.  I am not going to allow myself to nap so I can get to bed tonight.  Upstairs is a wreck, it is funny what one day of not picking up can do to a place.  Did I really wear 4 pairs of clogs yesterday? and a pair of slippers?

     Hub's is going to be so tired.  He left last night for practice and got home at 10:30.  I asked him how show was going and then remembered that the pit he is in is 12 feet below the stage, so he did not see a thing.  I need to have something for him for dinner ready when he gets home so he can relax, watch a little news and take off.

     I am making no plans today.  Just going to mosey along and do what I can.  Hopefully a little more than yesterday.  I swear all I do is sweat, it is driving me crazy.

Out My Window:  Sunny and cool, I will take it.  Although it got really warm yesterday afternoon.

Have a great and productive day, I am going to try!



  1. Oh Kim.....feel better! You need a darling daughter to come take care of YOU.

  2. When I am sick or becoming sick, a nap helps. I can take a nap and sleep at night. That is how I know I am becoming sick--sleep too much.

  3. Feeling your pain! You need to keep resting as much as you can. Hopefully you'll sweat those germs right out of you!