Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday, where am I?

     Hub's has been eating quiche and maybe today he will get a meal?  I have no idea how much has been spent in the last 24 hours.

     Thursday was a blur.  I really trying to take is easy but had such a bad headache that I was having a hard time functioning.  So I called to not go into studio this was the second time this week.  When I cough my head would explode and I had gotten very little sleep, because the pressure behind my eyes was so bad.  I was dosing myself with NyQuil every 4 hours and by 5:30 in the morning Friday still having not slept I was coughing and stars were appearing on the right side of my face.  I went into the master bedroom and hubs was dressed and sitting on the side of the bed.  I asked him to please contact his office and stay home with me.  Usually he would argue but he did not.  He undressed and I crawled in next to him finally able to sleep, and we both slept until 9:15.  I immediately called my doctors emergency line and was taken in at 10:15 to his office. 

     So I have a really bad sinus infection surprise, surprise like I did not know that, but then I was sent immediately over to my eye doctor.  Hub's drove me over and we went in.  I told the receptionist what I was experiencing and that my doctor wanted me checked out.  I was an immediate check in.  My eye was dilated and we wandered the store for 1/2 an hour waiting for my eyes to fully dilate.  I bumped into two different people with my cart and called the wrong man honey.  Hub's finally took my cart away and told the woman I had just run into that I needed a keeper.   Between dilated eyes, fever, cough I was a dizzy mess.  Went back to office and doctor took a deep scan of my right eye.  The retina and nerve were in perfect shape so that was good news.  The pressure from the infection was causing  my retinal nerve to flash against a secondary cataract that I have formed on my right eye.  About 2/3 of the right eye lens is covered with a film, called a secondary cataract.  So this was causing the flashes off that lens.  Good but bad. 

     Our cataract institute is closed on  Friday, but I was sent up there and a Doctor sent in to verify no detached retina.  Now next week after I have cleaned up the  antibiotics, I will have a 5th eye surgery in 4 years on my right eye.  Both my optometrist and the surgeon are amazed by my eye history.  I just look at it as I can still see.  My biggest worry is not the surgery but how long I will have to stay off the arthritis meds as we all know how that affects me to know end.

     I went home and laid around and ordered hub's around for the day.   It was kind of fun, get me a soda will you, get my cell phone off the desk will you.  Go pick up my prescriptions, stop and get me some Mexican food.  I then could only take a few bites.  So I will try to eat that today.  I think he was glad to shower and get to the orchestra pit to get away from me.

     I am better today, just 3 doses of antibiotic and I feel much different.  Not perfect but able to function more.  I just did not realize how sick I was getting.  I have a tendency to ignore myself.  I slept until noon and I am still in my jammies.  Doubt I will do much today.  Maybe make some bread.  I am craving homemade bread warm out of the oven.  We will see. The idea of getting up and really moving makes me break out in a sweat.

Have a great and productive day, I won't, but I will try;)



  1. goodness me, you have certainly been put through the wringer as we say. Take things really easy, as tomorrow is always another day. Hope you feel better soon,

  2. goodness me! Could you just take it easy for a little while, give you body a little bit of a chance, overactive crazy lady! xxx

  3. Hope you can bask in the sun this afternoon.