Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday, Happy Ground Hogs day! posting late

No spend,
Dinner today is left over shrimp from yesterday.

     I do not know why I am so happy it is February.  February is traditionally not a great month for the family as in lots of sad times to remember.  My eldest daughter will say, "Because it is February."  I have to come back with well we have had some real tragedy's this month but she was born (eldest) on February 13th and her son was born February 15th and she was married and we got a new son on February 17th so I am going to take the good and be happy!  

     Superbowl party was a mixed up tale of Kim.  We were ready our guests had arrived or were arriving, food was hot and delicious.  We lost reception on our station that takes in the Superbowl.  Now we have Hub's cousin up on the roof with a long ladder trying to reface the antennae and oh by the way a stiff sleety snow was coming down rather hard.  Not a time to be on a roof .  We had to pack up all the food and run up to another house where they have a Tivo.  It turned out fine I just felt bad for cousin and his wife as they did not plan on having company, but they are easy going so it all worked out.  My bestest (not a word) buddy and her husband rolled with the punches.  Kids had fun we had fun, we all ate way too much.  Our team lost no joy in Mud ville what can I say?  Then raced home to catch Downton Abbey.

     I will be going to see Sissie some time in the next month or so as she is having surgery.  Was thinking one of my free tickets would allow me to go free and take someone with me, but now I found out I can't dang.  Airlines have so many rules, stupid#$@%.  Venting is good for the soul.

     I am posting late today, because I had an appointment with the accountant this morning and I just got back and then had several phone calls to make and a new appointment to set up with a new accountant that deals with non-profits.  So now I am getting a new EIN or some such number and have much to do to get this all lined up.  My concentration will be here.  I did find out from accountant that I can carry on as usual and I will be fine as I can go back retroactively to the 1st of this year, which was in question. No matter how careful I am I always leave something at home that I need for appointment, I feel like such a scatter brain sometimes. So must run back with a stack of things and I also thought I had a SS# for one of my teachers on file and I do not so must get her to return a call.  It is always something.  Now I get to deal with IRS.Gov pray for me.

     We bought so many fresh veggies and salad things and cheese for our Superbowl get together that I think I will not have to go to the store all week except for soda maybe?  I am also going to stock up as there are good sales on soda.  Speaking of stock up, I did find a really good chicken mark down, .$49 a lb on legs and thighs.  Three packages at Albertson's late at night.  I bought all three.  But the freezer is getting less full.  I have not noticed the storage looking any worse for wear.  It has only been a month.

     Well my kitchen is a mess, and I have sewing to do before I hit the studio.

Happy ground hogs day now go make a difference!



  1. We didn't go to any parties yesterday which is fine by me! I only watch the commercials on Youtube the next day anyway...
    Your weekend sounded like fun tho!

  2. not at all interested in Super Bowl even the half time show was nothing exciting.

    Gill in Canada