Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tuesday, A little calmer here:)

$5.95 on a soda and protein bars as I had forgotten to eat and was at the studio.
$17.80 two zippers and thread for shop
I will make baked chicken and mashed potatoes with broccoli for dinner.  I am doubling the chicken and potatoes so I can eat chicken for a few days and make hubs a shepherds pie with potatoes.

     Woke up with very stiff wrists, which I am going to blame on the weather.  I am so good at denial.  I also experienced intense shoulder pain in my left shoulder yesterday similar to what I was going through two summers ago.  Starts out with a pinging in the upper muscle of the arm and then radiates down.  This was awful for about 5 months two years ago and I dread it coming back.  Hopefully it is just an isolated incident due to wet,yucky weather.  I just don't think I can live through that again, well let's say I don't want to try very hard to live through that again.  I spent an entire summer on the sofa with my arms above my head.

     Things were much calmer yesterday, no child and no grand dog may have had something to do with it.
I did not get as much sewing done as I wanted but did get laundry started and I will catch up this morning. I picked up the 10-99 and I mailed what I needed to and will send out the rest with payroll.  I had enough money come in in the last two days to do payroll with no problem, maybe this non-profit thing will sink in and people will pay on time? I can always hope.

     Started cleaning up the paperwork mess that was in piles all over the shop from taxes and I need to go get a few more hanging files.  I have a $10 off coupon that hub's earned through work for Staples, and we are also out of printer paper so I will pick up a few reams.  But I will buy no plastic containers this year so Sluggy will be proud.  I really need to clean the under the stair closet as I know there are tax filing boxes back at least 15 years also a few of old suitcases to throw away among other things.  

     Well bookwork is calling and I need to do a run threw of the house and my sewing machine is waiting to be used, it is all in a day of Kim.

Have a great and productive day, go make a difference.



  1. I hope your arm is not doing a repeat either! There are already enough joints screaming!

    Productive Day - yes, pretty much - slowly productive, but productive none the less. Hope your day ends well!

  2. I will keep my fingers crossed that your pain does not increase!! I am being very UNproductive today as I am giving myself ONE day to nurse my cold. Then, back to it!

  3. just glad things have calmed down after yesterday. As they say, "these things are sent to try us!!"