Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday, Just do something will you!

$32.00 Staples will get $12.00 back in rebate, had to buy more hanging files and copy paper.  Also $10.10 on a gift card for tacos for Saturday dinner.
 Have no idea what to cook or pull from the freezer and I really don't care.  Just bored with this cooking business.  Maybe a fish.  Yes I think I will do a fish and some rice.  That will be easy.  Add a little coleslaw.  See how this blog helps me to stay on track?  Now if I only do it.  It is so easy to write it down and less easy to get my butt outta this chair to do something.:)

     I was a lazy daisy most of the weekend and it was lovely.  Watched a lot of T.V. and wasted time, took naps.  Made up some cookie dough on Saturday and let it sit over night.  Sunday we had church and then came home and took I kid you not a 3.5 hour nap it was lovely. So lazy.  I finally got my butt off the sofa and made taco salad for dinner, and then started on my cookies.  Just cut out hearts and frosted them.  I had most of the cookies baked when Downton Abbey started and then waited for Hubs to get home from quartet practice to start frosting them.  He helped and I sprinkled the decorations.  Most of the cookies went to his office.  While we were frosting cookies, hubs got a call from a music director at a local High School.  He will play 1st violin and some viola in there upcoming musical that opens next week.  He will also play for our local High school in March.  So that is essentially  6 weeks of shows with rehearsals.  He will be thoroughly sick of playing by then.  I will be sick of keeping his concert blacks clean. I did not ask what the musicals were and neither did he.  I guess he has done so many it really doesn't matter.

     Since we are going to Twin Falls this weekend (we will leave on Friday)  I need to get my ducks in a row.  I have just been pooping around not getting much done, blaming taxes and  just plain laziness to not do anything or waste time. January is just hard for me, but I thought I got through it really well this year and I usually like February.  It is just so wet and cold and dreary outside.  I am in one of those let time move quickly so I can get to a happier place moods.  When in reality you have to make your own Happy place.  I hate getting into these moods where I have to make myself get things done.  They are important things that need to be done.  I hate feeling unmotivated and I wonder what comes over me to make me so dull.  It is my avoidance state.  I am avoiding things.

Does anyone else do this?  Do any of you get into a blah state and just freeze up?

     Okay I really need to make a list of things that have to be done today.  This is ridiculous.  I just want to shake myself.  Just get something done, or I should say get something finished!

1. Put away copy paper and put files up that you bought.
2. wrap and mail packages and get to post office    

3. Mail Aunts B-day card  (will have to 2nd day air it as I did not do it timely )
4. Get the FAFSA done  no excuse as taxes are ready
Put away papers, took Lena's package and another to mail, mailed off Practical Par's check, visit teach letters, at bank I wire x-ferred Aunts B-day money as I was mailing card too late to get it to her on time.
Also FASFA is done for now will update it after I send in taxes.
5. Get schedule done for school tour. Called 5 schools one on for sure others will call back tomorrow or be replaced
6. Get books balanced and see how much you will need to go to TwinFalls and where is the money coming from?  Printed out statements will go balance now  I have $140.00 saved so far
7.  Organize shop and sew something. 
8. Get books balanced so you know where you stand  ( Hint:  you will feel better) Okay done but I am pretty close to broke:)
9. Get dinner started Made rice and slaw, fish is defrosting
10.  Straighten house a little bed made, two small loads of laundry put a few things away
11. de-clutter something, anything, you do know where it lurks...cleaned out kids old games and threw away ones with missing pieces.
12.You don't have to be to the studio until 6:30  so move!!!!!!!!

Okay, Okay I am moving!



  1. It's because it is February, I am like you all February; need to get my butt into gear also.

  2. I was lazy today too all I did was make bed 3 loads of laundry made easy dinner and cut coupons