Tuesday, February 24, 2015


$18.12 ,cheese, soda,onions, sugar free candy.
Made potato, cauliflower,broccoli casserole with ham.  I caramelized the onions for flavor and sliced the potatoes like scalloped and layered everything.  Then I made a white sauce and added 2 kinds of cheese to pour over and baked it.  It was very good.  I have used all the cream soups in the storage, so now I am using the canned milk for sauces.  If I need mushroom I saute mushrooms, onion, or celery, onions,  it is really very fast and easy and tastes a lot better and a lot less salt than canned creamed soups.

I found 1 lb. of frozen shrimp and I will cook these and hub's can have them with left over casserole and a salad. Also took frozen applesauce out of the freezer.  Need to use this stuff up.

     Hub's is very tired, I hope can make it.  He came home and told me that one of the men he works with has stage 4 bone cancer in his jaw.  I feel really bad as I have known this man for over 25 years.  Most of Hub's office chews tobacco.  They cannot smoke, they are in the woods all the time.  Just something they start when they are young, become addicted and don't stop. It breaks my heart.  This is a soft spoken wonderful man who has to go through hell now to stay alive.

     I was able to get most things done yesterday by resting in between excursions.  I had a fair amount of work come in yesterday.  I need to start getting my money ready for next months house payment.  This month has gone by so fast and I have not been stuffing money away, mostly because I was sick and not sewing like I usually do. The first will sneak up on me and I will not be ready.

     I have a big pile to get through and I also have a pile of mending and alterations for the High School play.  So once I get my daily quota done, I will attack the High School's things.  I am sure I will have a pile every night until they open.

     Hub's and I have over $3000.00 in savings bonds in our strong box that we have had there for at least 10 years.  I thought about putting them in a CD.  Does anyone think that is a dumb move?  We have always kept then there as an emergency fund, if all hell broke loose.  I feel we are more stable now and they could go into something better?  Any Advice?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. no advice on the money as I am in Canada. I too have found February to have passed quickly, which makes a change as normally I find it one of the longest months of the year.

  2. What kind of interest rate are they earning? It might be higher than what a CD will give you......

  3. some of the older savings bonds (issued in early 90's) are paying guaranteed 4% until they mature. You can check online at the treasury direct website to get rates for yours. You will need month and year issued.

  4. Does your husband use tobacco. They can't smoke because they are in the woods--what? makes no sense to me.