Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday, must pay some bills!

Gas for truck $30.85 Sewing notions and fabric $42.16 (will be reimbursed)
Leftovers tonight as I made enough bean hot dish to last a few days.

    I worked way too hard yesterday and I can feel it this morning.  So today I will take it a little easier. I just wanted to get the things for the high school out of the way and also keep up in the shop.  I have been so lax in my illness that I am behind on monies for the house.  So you know me have to hurry to rectify the situation only to wreck myself.  Started to get a really sneezy running nose yesterday along with that dull headache of a bad head cold coming on.  Well I am on a powerful antibiotic so I know it isn't an infection, just a crappy virus or maybe allergies.  Just what I need.  I finally get the bottom half to quit leaking and the top half starts.  Okay TMI.

     I made a huge amount of my bean hot dish and used 9 cans of beans and the last of the burger in the freezer.  I also baked 4 loaves of bread so I am set for food for a few days.  I will not have to cook today and that will save me some time.  I have so much to do in the shop and I must must MUST pay bills today.  Of course you realize I am in denial as usual and am using the fact that I was sick to stay there.  I will use any reason actually. I am very creative with my reasoning.

     So I am going to go into my shop and get my quota done, call a few people to pick up and then pay bills before I hit the studio.  I started to lose my voice last night teaching and that happens every time my allergies kick in.  Isn't life grand?

    I also have to get to Rite-aid today as I have ups that will expire by tomorrow.  Have no idea what I will get but not going to waste the value.

     Hub's took the large bible stand bookcase that he built to the High School to be used in the play.  It usually sits in the corner by the fireplace and holds the old family bible and two shelves of music.  He then suggested that we donate the piece to the school as we are downsizing and that will get rid of a large piece of
 furniture.  I am thrilled.  I will put the  music in a plastic tote(don't worry Sluggy I have one in the garage ) and the bible can go on the old library table.  I might even move the baby grand back to the other side of the fireplace.  This stand/bookcase has been borrowed by the civic and the schools more than once over the years.

     Well I need to get busy if I am going to get done what I need before I leave.

Have a great and productive day.



  1. I really need to start doing bread. I have wanted to for some time, but I am scared to death of working with yeast.

    1. Hot tap water, oil,sugar,yeast, wait 5 minutes for it to bloom then go for it add flour and salt! You have bread.

  2. I would like to see the Bible stand bookcase as I am unsure what it looks like. I had a relapse after antibiotics. So, I double up on my efforts to beat back the relapse. It worked. Good luck with yours.

    Taking a Zyrtec every night looks like my only "cure" along with pseudoephedrine around the clock.