Wednesday, February 25, 2015


$ 72.89 Sewing notions, cat food, dog food,string cheese, butter, tortillas.
I will need to fill the truck today and gas has gone up to $2.00 a gallon here.
Hub's had salad, shrimp and leftover casserole for dinner last night.  I have hamburger thawed and I am going to make our families favorite bean and hamburger goulash.  I also need to make bread.  If I can find the energy. This will use up wheat from storage, 8 cans of beans.

     Still working on the pile of alterations for the high school play.  I am almost done.  It is just hems and fixing zippers and such. Nothing too major yet.  I was able to complete my sewing for the shop yesterday and I will get my quota done for the day before I work on high school things.  I don't have to be to the studio until 5 so I have plenty of time.

     Will have to break out a do a few errands today that have been put off.  Need to do a run through of the house also, even though I really cleaned the kitchen last night.   I need to grind more wheat and while I do that and make the mess I can start dinner.

     Thanks for the tips on the bonds I am going to pull them and look up the #'s to see what they are paying and also check at the credit union to see what a long term CD is paying.  I am thinking a 5 year CD.

Out My Window:  The sun is shining and has been for the last few days,  it is very cold outside and I keep waiting for winter to return with a vengeance.  Hope not!

Have a great and productive day, remember the people who need our thoughts and prayers( Lena, Alex, Carla, to name a few)



  1. I've added them to my prayer list!

  2. thanks for the reminder that a lot of people need to be in our prayers.


  3. A blog prayer circle - I like that!
    Re bonds - definitely check them out online as they may have matured already in which case you need to reinvest in something. Good luck - rates suck up here right now!

  4. If you do CD's stagger the maturity dates so
    you can take advantage of any interest rate increases.

  5. well said! I like your post and thank you so much for your awesome post.