Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday, taxes are done and it is not pretty

$45.16, new watch battery, milk, bread,apples,soda,cottage cheese, tortillas,protein bars
Had left over chicken and slaw for dinner last night will do shepherds pie today.  Also need to look up a good chick pea recipe to take to church tomorrow as they are distributing beans, lentils, and garbanzos for long term storage.

     Picked up the taxes and it cost $545 dollars.  I knew this year would be bad as I paid no quarterlies and I took money to try and pay off debt and I also have very little left to depreciate, but buying a new floor or system just to get depreciation is stupid.  So I need to come up with about $2500.00 by April 15th and that is doable I just won't be able to pay off any debt.  This is why I am so happy about going into a non-profit.
       I can take $500.00 from the business to pay a CC that I used to buy costumes and then I have to pay self employment and taxes on the $500.00.  Uncle Sam has it all worked out that small business owner rarely make any money.  Well I am sick of it.  This will not happen again.  It is not like the business can't pay it, but when all you are really doing is giving a service it can get pretty old.  The studio has been paying approximately $2000.00 a year in taxes it is just a little higher this year I am sure due to no depreciation.

     Well at least I know now and I can start working toward getting that paid.  Then attack the debt.

     Thanks for all the comments on my strange post yesterday, I guess the consensus is that it is a generational thing. Peoples standards are just different and many people my age have these standards. 

     Well I have food to make and sewing to do and errands to run and we are doing the official story board for the spring show this afternoon, so I had better get my butt in gear and get something done, anything maybe dry my hair?

Have a great and productive day, go make a difference.



  1. Kim,

    I'm paying taxes also. I have to give the government 1686.00. I'm sorry that you are also paying. I don't own my own business though. I hope you are well. The debt can wait. The IRS I consider an emergency. I don't want them on my case at all.

    Take care.

  2. it sucks paying the tax man, whether through a business or personally!!!

  3. Can't comment on the taxes as I really don't understand - it all sounds greek to me! I hope you're feeling less strange today!!

  4. I'm glad to hear you're done with your taxes, Kim! It sounds like this year's taxes were pretty harsh, although I hope you're not feeling negative about filing them. After all, our taxes help the government provide the services that everyone in this country needs. Anyway, good luck with tackling your finances. Thanks for sharing this! Have a nice day!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning