Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday, errands and toodle

No Spend yesterday
We actually ate left overs last night again which means I have to do something with that 1lb of ground beef I thawed.
$13.10 spices, apples, pickles
$126.63 K-mart, micro wave for youngest daughter, new watch for Kim, pantyhose, scraper,

     Well so much for the new watch battery as my watch officially died yesterday.  So I paid $6.00 for nothing.  Okay maybe 18 hours of time as watch worked for about that long after new battery was installed.  I know many people just look at their cell phones but I cannot get by without a watch and it must be waterproof.  I am just not careful.  Sissie thought I should have a Rolex a few years ago and sent me her old one which I immediately  ruined.  I am just not a fussy person in that respect.  It is a sore subject between us me being the country mouse.

     Last night after dance class I came home and took  1lb of bacon out of the freezer and chopped in up into 1 inch slices and browned it with three onions chopped fine.  Then I added 2.5 cups and lentils, and 2.5 cups of brown rice along with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, basil, and 1 cube of butter and 4 quarts of water and chicken bullion.  Cooked all in large covered pot for about 1.5 hours and made a great rice and lentil dish to take to church this morning as they were distributing 3000 lbs of peas, garbanzos, and lentils.  We grow most of this locally.  Our town is surrounded by legume fields.  We only took 3  ten lb. bags as we have to get rid of all our canned beans before we leave on  a mission for our church in the coming year or so.   I was asked to bring a dish to show people how to cook with these ingredients.  Personally I love legumes, you have to really season beans and legumes or they taste like paste.  Needless to say my dish won.  You need to add spices, don't be afraid.  There are cultures who live on beans and rice with very little meat and believe me their dishes are not bland and tasteless.

     Then Hub's and I went to K-mart to get a new Timex for me and a microwave for our youngest daughter that just lost hers.  It had been handed down from her older sister to the next sister to her, it was the college microwave.  Well it did not cut her senior year, it died.  She asked for that for Valentines day instead of chocolates, she will get chocolates anyway.  We also stopped at a discount store as I had run out of cumin, red pepper flakes and pure vanilla.  Now we are home enjoying our lazy selves. The kitchen is a mess form the dish I cooked last night so I need to go and clean that up but I don't want to.

     I need to start making Valentine shortbread for friends and family and I also need to make frosted cookies for Hub's office.  I will probably start those today.  I just can't eat any as I have been doing so well on my diet ( clothes are too tight after my orgy of Christmas caramels) and I am a sucker for frosted sugar cookies.  I also have very little willpower.

     I feel a nap coming on.....

Have a great and productive day, go make a difference.



  1. you certainly have had a productive day. Dh is not a fan of legumes; I enjoy them though.


  2. I love lentils. I will cook them with chicken, coconut milk, onions, and spices in the crockpot. Yummy

  3. I love blackeyed peas, navy beans, Great Northern beans, and lentils cooked with no seasoning whatever. I think the beans are delicious plain. I don't like kidney or pinto beans, not matter what is done to them.

    Mama cooked beans with salt, pepper, and some ham. But, I prefer them plain. They each have their own unique taste that is spoiled with seasonings....well, that is how I see it and not many people agree. Now, I just want bacon after reading your recipe.

  4. Mmmmmm I want to come to your house:) One of the good things I can say about my ex is how he introduced me to a wider range of spices. I eat a lot of legumes too so we go through a lot of spices - we really like cumin (Kazi puts it in her guacamole) and we use a lot of cayenne etc. I would rather eat beans and lentils than meat. I can't get along without a waterproof watch either. I'm still wearing a $20 watch that I bought at discount store at least 20 years ago!! That's a dollar per year! Can't beat that!