Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday, Happy Valentines Day!

     Spent most of the day yesterday in the car driving.  Stopped at Hub's folks house and had lunch (Late) same menu she served last time we drove through.  Just as inedible.  I swear she will save it and serve it to us next time we come through.  She is an amazing woman but she can't cook to save her soul.  Hub's made cracks all through the meal about it being my favorite.  I kept smiling and kicking him under the table.  We arrived at daughters at abut 6 p.m. and took them out to dinner at Outback.  Not my favorite but it wasn't my birthday.  Came home for cake and I had a terrible stomach ache all night.  Played hard with the grandson and finally met my  grandson's new fish named Steve.  Sorry Auntie Kay he likes me better.

     I woke up this morning so hung over, now I don't drink but I think the long car ride and then the too rich food got to me.  We all handed out our Valentines presents to everyone and realized there were 14 boxes of chocolates between 4 adults.  It is just disgusting.  Every where you look is an open box of chocolates.  Went out this morning and bought a birthday cake for grandsons birthday tomorrow.  Then took daughter to TJ Maxx to look for lamps for her bedroom.  We found some really nice ones for 30.00 a piece.  We are spray painting the shades and if we don't like them we are going to cover them with fabric.

     I have eaten so many chocolates I am sick.  Someone has to stop me.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!




  1. That is a lot of sweets!

    Kim, you asked me to send you my address but I have no way of emailing you. Can you send me an email at

    Have a good week! :)

  2. I didn't know your hubby was so funny! :) I'm in the same boat here - every time I pass through the kitchen I come out with a handful of chocolate covered stuff!! Stretchy pants day!

  3. I was going to say that there is nothing wrong with too much chocolate, but you got hungover from it??? wow.