Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday, sun shine!

$22.27, soda, sugar free candy, Asparagus (on sale), mushrooms on sale, IMO drink mix.

I was so impressed with Judy.  She cooked my chicken down to fall apart and broth in no time.  I usually boil my chickens and then let them cool and  bone for soup,but this was much easier.  We had chicken and potatoes and cauliflower for dinner.  I know I would have gotten an F for presentation in home ec as all my food was light colored on the plate.  Very unappetizing, but it tasted good. I froze a nice container of broth and chicken for soup next week.
Tonight we will have warmed up meatloaf and leftover potatoes and a can of veggies.  Still trying to use up the storage and it seems like we have not touched it, except for the freezers.

     I sewed very hard yesterday and the shop was so (I mean sew) busy. It was grand central station from 9:30 until I left for the studio.  I only have a 1/2 slip to shorten today and then I must clean up the house and pack to leave.  Also must go to bank and pay bills as I did not get a chance yesterday.

     Daughter wants us to bring winter clothes as they are planning on going Tubing with grandson on Saturday.  So we will take our skis just in case there are trails nearby.  That means more packing. regular clothes, church clothes and ski clothes, for 3 days.  I am glad I have no kids, I remember the days of having to organize all of them.  What a nightmare.

     So after this post I am going to dry my hair and get ready to meet my public.  Every trash can upstairs and down is full I swear.  Then I will do a quick run through the house, hem that slip, get books done, run to bank, get nails done, it has been over a month and be to the studio by 4.  I will pack tonight when I get home.  Boy just thinking of all of this makes me tired. I stayed up way too late last night.  Shame on me and I did it on purpose, I was watching a good show.

Best of all today?  The sun is shining!  I woke up to sunshine it makes me feel so happy, not energetic but happy.

Have a great and productive day, go make a difference.



  1. Yeah, sunshine! Please treat yourself to 5 minutes basking. Dr's orders!

  2. always makes things a bit better when the sun is shining.

  3. I wish Judy would come to my house and cook ;) It's nice and sunny here today though it looks like it's snowing because the wind is blowing SO HARD!! We are headed into record low temps over the next few days...rats...