Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday, Key stone cops in review....

No spend
Leftovers for dinner, no idea tonight but I am going to thaw out some chicken.

     Yesterday was a run around, and around, and around.  I was supposed to be at the accountants at 10 and I had 3 clients over at the house before 10.  Can I remind you the the shop opens at 10?  I was trying to hurry out and the last client was a drippy woman who wanted three pillows covered with special materials for her who knows what?  She was uber picky and silly and I was trying to be nice and get out the door, you know one of those people who have more money than brains and have probably never had to really think.  But now I am judging and that is wrong she is probably a lovely woman and I was just late and stressed so my mind was bi$%y.  I arrived at the accountants at 10:05 and was ushered right in.  Now we all know how hard I worked at getting everything together and I was so proud of myself, well I left about 6 important tax pieces on my other desk.  Everything in a pile except the things that came in last Friday.  Also D#2 was supposed to be at my house on Sunday with the last of her things and she was late.

     It was okay as I usually have to go home and wait until something arrives.  After all Feb2nd is early to have all tax things in and ready to go when you own two businesses and have kids in school.  So I was sent home with a list which I promised to return to the office asap.  Drove home, gathered info, called one teacher to obtain her SS# which I thought I had left her a message, daughter arrives, she prints out what I need on computer, teacher shows up gives me her info, I am running out the door and daughter comes running out to chase my vehicle down, Now what?

     She has just been called into work 100 miles away, they need her for a Dental office surgery scheduled at 5 p.m., she had just come home with her laundry, all her scrubs are dirty and on the floor and she has about 3 hours to get up into Washington State.  Not only that she has to be back down about 70 miles to work all day tomorrow in another small town and then back up to Spokane by 5.  This involves 3 pair of surgical scrubs.  I pull back into drive way and help her go through the house looking for clean scrubs. We assess and realize that I bought her new scrubs for Christmas 2 years ago and most offices provide scrubs and all her older scrubs although in good condition I donated to the hygiene school in one of my clean outs, so her personal travel scrubs are dirty.  We go to the scrub store buy 4 pairs of scrubs luckily she is an xs so it makes it easy to get them and on sale, I drop her off at the house and continue onto accountants. Drop off all paper work.

     Home I go to continue greeting customers, call and make an appointment with a new accountant that will handle the Non-profit status as my accountant does not do that for the state of Idaho.  Then I get on the computer and get my new non-profit EIN # and several tax forms filled out to make myself legal as of 1/1/15.  Daughter is running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I am trying to also help her get out the door. She has her dog with her, (my grand dog, whom she shares custody with and old boyfriend)   So now I have two dogs which is never a good thing.  They do the dance of the village idiots every time the bell rings and it is ringing non stop.  People like police officers and Army Puba's you know the ones with lots of stripes.  (Hub's actually salutes their uniforms they rank so high) I agree to dog sit until her X gets off work and he will come get the dog.  She backs out of the driveway and I am trying to settle the dog down, she hates it when D leaves.  I just get her calm and I hear D's car coming back up driveway.  Dog goes ballistic.  D's debit card not working, she needs gas money, I give her all the cash I have which is not much $45.00 and send her on her way.( Credit union had a melt down on all cards, back up today)  Now I calm dog down again.  Hub's drives up in the same kind of car D drives (Subaru Forester) dog goes nuts.  In the mean time accountant has called me about 4 times with important questions so phone is ringing, customers are pushing the doorbell, cars are pulling up dog is barking I am screaming be quiet and bad dog. Let me tell you I was grateful to get to go to the studio just to get out of the crazy house.

     Okay enough, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about yesterday.  Breath, deep breath in, slowly out.  Now thinking about yesterday I actually accomplished a lot.  I have the taxes all in, I have a very good start on all of the non-profit paperwork, with the advice given me by my accountant.  I received over $700.00 yesterday in refund  money's from my utilities, and I over paid a hospital bill. Accountant just called an I am going to pick up my 10-99's.  I also need to stop as Jo-anns and get zippers and get some sewing done due out today.  FBI coats, with crappy plastic zippers, I wonder what they are doing in Lewiston?  Also police uniforms up the wazoo.  So I am off (and not just mentally).

Have a great and productive day, go make a difference!



  1. I am exhausted just reading your post....LOL Hope today is a bit quieter for you.

  2. Ditto Gill! Exhausted just reading it. :-) Deep, cleansing breaths. :-) Hope today is relaxing & great.

  3. That is super crazy! I would have been happy cleaning after that kind of day ( and I hate cleaning). I hope you get some time to breathe soon!