Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday, Free day...

$14.99 chips, avocados, nuts
Made my Swedish meatballs, today we will probably go out for a meal but have not made plans.

     I was a slug yesterday (not a sluggy slug as she is awesome) but I really didn't do much other than get my sewing done and make some dinner.  Did a few loads of laundry and actually changed the sheets on the  bed and pulled up some of the rugs so that will be an inspiration to get going I think.

     Yesterday all my tax info I was waiting for arrived so I am good to go to the accountants on Monday!  That is a big relief, as I won't be chasing things around and having to drop off later.  Hubs and I took another ballroom class last night it was fun and tiring, but we had a lot of laughs.  Hubs cousin is coming over with his family for the Superbowl.   So I really do have to clean my house, dang no more stalling or excuses.  I would enlist Hub's help but he cleaned the church this morning, maybe I can get him to take out the garbage and vacuum the basement?

     Just had a call from a client who needs to have pants hemmed and is leaving for a funeral on Monday, so I will be doing that in a few minutes. Then I need to figure out what I am going to serve tomorrow.  I know coconut shrimp for sure. Then what ever I can whip up.

    Hub's cousin is bringing over a rack of ribs, so I need to come up with sides and a dessert. I see a trip to the store in the next few hours.  I will think of something fabulous as I clean the crusty house.  Can you tell I have been dieting?  Trying to remove the 10 lbs of caramels that my hips ate over Christmas.

     Okay just fixed the mans pant.  To all you sewers or attempting sewers out there please do not use a smaller stitch than 3.  You do not need to go back and forth with a teeny tiny stitch to get something to hold.  In fact it is worse for the fabric and then almost impossible to re alter!

So I had better get busy, as I have avoided this long enough....


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  1. Reading your post reminded me I put a load in my washing machine about 4 hours ago!!! Totally forgot about it...what else is new? So...this is me now going down to put it in the dryer!