Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday,So how to proceed....

$16.69 face bronzer(mine shattered) and 6 pkgs of  binding for shop.

dinner leftovers, bean hot dish.  Used from freezer 1 lb ground beef and 6 cans of beans from storage.
cooked 7 chicken breasts from freezer and refroze 4 have 3 to make enchiladas.  I will use soup and a mix and chilies from storage but will buy corn tortillas and some cheese.  See how this works.  I must make my meals from items in storage.  I will try to report every day.

    I have these goals and plans and I am trying to think of how to proceed with them.  I guess it won't be that hard.  I am not buying anything I don't need and I am getting rid of things that I don't need or want.  My problem is that I like to shop and create and it is a bad habit.

     I like to buy buy things for my home.  I like to buy clothes.  But I don't need anything and it is silly to keep adding only to get rid of good things that are useful.  It is a waste of money and I have debt.  So yesterday after tooling around the house not wanting to clean anything. I went into the shop and noticed a stack of old material and scraps I had saved from someone else s sewing.  If people over buy material or it is a large chunk that I am cutting off of a blanket, curtains, etc,  I will save the remnant and reuse it for something.  Most of my costumes are lined with reused material people have over bought. Usually people who don't sew will say you keep it.

     Well a lady had left me several yards of really nice cute curtain fabric and I proceeded to make a couple of aprons.  It only took an hour and it was fun.  I love a new apron and I have one to give away.  I love to give things to people.  I also knocked up a couple of pot holders so I did not waste the remnant of the remnant.  See how frugal I am:)

     Today I have a few things to do in the shop.  I am going to the banks and getting my budget set up for the month of January.  Need to make a run through the house and maybe get dressed?  I should get dressed before I go to the bank. Don't want to cause them too much excitement.  Plus it is very cold today.

Now get busy all of you and go work on something!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. CT on a Budget does a great job of sharing her menus and cheap meals and using up food so there is no waste. Very inspiring, so you sharing how you are stretching your pantry is great!

    Tonight we normally do a pizza or some other cheap take out- our once a week frugal sin, but Hubby is playing poker tonight so I'm thinking we fend for dinner using NYE leftovers. Fridge is still full from the holidays and needs to be used so makes it makes cents. HA!

  2. Was that Walmart gun tragedy near you, Kim? That is so terrible.

  3. Gotta go cleanup my workshop - I was able to move around in it for a week or so but now it's all loaded up with leftovers from my basement reno. I can't do anything in there when it's full of crap so OUT it goes! I like your "using up food" plan - my fridge and freezer are pretty full so I'm going to see how long I can go without doing a major grocery run. OK, going to get busy!!