Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday, weekend update

     Spent about $50 on treats and a few groceries, cat food, butter, soda, carrots, berries, spices
Had yummy split pea soup, made three  big loaves of homemade bread and a chocolate cake.  Have to use up the cake mixes I have in storage.  I think I will thaw out a salmon for dinner tomorrow, with mixes wild rices and veggies, yum.

     Hands are very swollen today and I am stiff as in body stiff.  I don't know what brings it on, but I strongly dislike it!  Today I hope to work in the yard some.  However the sun is not shining and I really hope it does not start to rain as it did last week.

     Hubs and I took ballroom class last night and it was fun although is is hard for me to dance after I have been there all week.  By Friday night I am beat.  We then went to get a few groceries and had a treat at McDonald's and came home and watched an Opera competition on PBS.  We have the best PBS stations in the nation in Idaho.  I don't know why.  Maybe because we have so much rural area and very few large towns.  A large town in Idaho is 100,000 and we have one of them.  Everything else is about 30,000 and we have about 10 of those.  Our cell phone service can be erratic and even cable and internet are not a for sure in many places.  So we depend largely on 3 PBS stations supported and run by colleges.  We also have many really wealthy pockets and these people support our PBS.  It is great. 

     I don't need to do any cooking today and just a little pick up, although I could deep clean the house, but who wants to do that?   I just checked the temperature and it is 52 degrees already so it is warm enough. 
I guess I had better get dressed and get to work.  I hope I can report tomorrow that we were able to get many yard projects done.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I certaintly don't want to deep clean my house, so you are in good company! It is cold here, talking about more snow tomorrow. Uggh. Wanted to let you know that you are a bad influence. I saw you mention you made a cake and I decided I needed to make one too ;) At least my kids will be happy that I made them something sweet. Hope you ended up having a good day!

  2. Happy to be a bad influence if it is only a cake!