Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday, glad it is Friday!

 Sent Hubby to the store, have know idea what he spent?  We had leftovers and sandwiches for dinner as planned and tonight we are going out!

       This has been a long week.  I think getting back into teaching after the break made it harder.  I do however love my students and they make my work enjoyable.  I have many things to get done today and next week I will really have to put my nose to the grindstone.  I have been slacking like a bear in hibernation and I need to get with the program.

     I actually went back to bed after I blogged yesterday and slept for another 2.5 hours.  This is very unusual for me.  I will take an afternoon snooze before going to the studio if I can , but am usually awakened by the phone or customers.  I was just so tired yesterday.  Then I had to move like a mad woman all afternoon and come home after dance to finish a project.

     I have a pick up this morning, and I have to cut out and complete a bed jacket and night gown for a client.  I need to do some banking and also get a few things done around the house.  My nails need to be done before we leave for the funeral. The truck is still full of dance stuff and I have to find old blankets and tarps to load this furniture into the back of the truck before we leave tomorrow. 

     We are going out to dinner with an older couple this evening and then our ballroom program starts tonight and I will go and oversee this and come home at 9 and crash.  So I wanted to get the house really straightened and packing done tonight. 

     Sewing, laundry, and cleaning must be done before I leave for a clients and then run to the nail salon.  On the way to the salon I can do the banking and then come home to pack and pull moving supplies.  Hopefully I can have all of this done before Hubby gets home at 4:30. Oh I just remembered I must get to the pharmacy.  Add that to the list.

     My day is planned.  Is yours?  What are you going to accomplish?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am at work until 5pm. Need to go home and feed kids. Shovel snow. And we have a showing I have to clean like a mad woman!

  2. My mom with dementia is coming back with us after tomorrow's day trip. She doesn't know it yet and will not be happy... BUT my dad, her caregiver, is adamant she be taken care of until the nursing home is ready for her. I'm getting some projects put together for her to work on while she's here. Maybe my fabric stash will inspire her!

  3. I was fairly busy and productive today - you inspire me to get off my butt! Meal planning, groceries, gas up the truck, banking, budgeting, mailed some photos and a letter off to each sister, did some planning for my 40th high school reunion and did some writing. And now for a little drinkie of red wine:)