Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday, Okay I am going to say it!

     I was true to my word and rested on the Sabbath. As in I did not cook anything.  Just reheated and burned my split pea soup.  I am such a good wife.  I took out a package of burger and two pie crusts to thaw.  Not really sure what to do with these.  Maybe I was inspired by the cooking show where they made meat pies.  I suppose that would be easy enough.  Let me think, fry up the burger with onion salt and pepper, drain, add small cubed potato and carrot cook a little to seal flavors, dust bottom crust with corn starch to seal, can't stand a weepy crust and then top with other crust.  I will try it.  At least I will be upstairs to see that it does not burn :) Serve with gravy and some homemade apple sauce from freezer and some peas.  Okay dinner is set for the next couple of days now onto..........

     TAXES! FAFSA!  Yes that time is here.  Time to really face the big guns.  Actually the FAFSA is not that bad just an aggravation.  But the TAXES are a week of hell I tell you.  I have not even said the word although I received my packet from my accountant at the first of the month.  My appointment is February 2nd, so next Monday I think but I had better check again because we all know how good I am at dates.  I must spend my time pouring over files and adding figures.  Blah!

     After I take a closer look at my laundry situation, as in I start the laundry, I will assess the shop and then take all of last years files upstairs to the kitchen and start the dreaded purge of paper. I can do this, I have done it before.  Kind of like labor, you know when you are driving to the hospital and the pain makes you want to stop the car so you can breath through the contraction?  That is how I view taxes.  Yes I will live through this, it will be hell, I will learn something that will make it easier next time.  At least with child birth you get to quit after a few years of insanity.  But taxes.......

     By the way on the housekeeper thing, I did finally break down and clean the two upstairs toilets, and scrubbed the guest bath, but when you walk across the hardwood floors upstairs you get invisible crunches on your feet.  Which means all the rugs must be taken up and the floor swept and mopped.  As in 1500 square feet of hardwood and 17 throw rugs have to be shaken and some vacuumed.  I can wear shoes constantly for a few more days I think. The dust will just get thicker and Hub's will start to sneeze and his allergies will set in, I might have to break down, or have a break down, haven't figured out which one yet.

      I hope to be able to report some great progress tomorrow, as in I found so many other things I had to do that I avoided the tax monster all together.  I am great an avoidance. It is my best talent. By the way just to prove myself wrong I just snuck (Snuck is not a word) out while you were not looking and took all my files upstairs!

     It was 60 here yesterday and proves to be the same today, lovely day for yard work, and I feel that I might end up out there just to avoid the.........The sun is shining.........tune in tomorrow to see if I was strong enough to withstand the warm air and smell earth and pine pitch......where is my suntan lotion?

Have a great and productive day!




  1. LALALALALALAL....sluggy plugs her ears and covers her eyes so you doesn't see those 2 bad words....

  2. You said it first! Both words, bad words BAD

  3. Hairy bikers cornish pasty, best thing to make with those ingredients
    Your house is huge!