Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, Can't wait?

     No Spend!
I am going to have Swedish meatballs out of freezer, potatoes and a can of sweet corn for dinner.  I have not cooked for three days now.  See taxes are good for some thing.

     I am so happy January is almost gone.  Although I mourn the fact that any of us want time to go faster.  Why can I just not enjoy the now?  I am always onto next week or tomorrow.  Is this part of what makes us human?  Can't wait until spring. Can't wait until this is over.  Sometimes can't wait is for something good like a new grandchild or a visit from a loved one.  But often times can't wait is just 20 minutes of life many times throughout the day.  Maybe it is the part of our soul that we need to tame so we enjoy life more and are not always waiting for the next big thing.

     I was a lazy daisy yesterday and it shows.  I mean really shows.  I should care but I don't.  Right now I have a pile of police uniforms and hems that must be done today!  So first thing I am going to do is hit the shop as I am such a procrastinator. It is my only way of reining in my inner lazy self.  There is no a clean room in my house and it is embarrassing.  Then again I don't really care.  I do however care about my clients and that they get there things on a timely schedule.

     We are having people over for Superbowl so that should be an inspiration to get the house whipped into shape.  There is just so much to dooooooooooooooooooooo.  That was a dog howl whine.  Sometimes that makes me feel better.  If my Sissie was here she would kick my butt, she would also put on an apron and make me get busy.

     Speaking of aprons, do any of you wear them?  I am always wearing an apron.  I love them.  I actually made a couple of cute ones a while back just for a de-stressor.  I like Carla enjoy just sewing for a whim.  Not to produce for a client, or money but as a way to relax and create.  I always use scraps left by other people as I like to see how cheaply I can make something wonderful for nothing.

     I was thinking of doing a give away as my main goal this year was to not add anything to my household that was not absolutely needed.  I gave one of my fun aprons away to my best buddy, and I thought of taking the other upstairs to add to my collection but that would be adding something I do not need and I do not need another apron.

    So if you wear aprons, let me know, if you think I should give away an apron I made let me know and maybe I will be inspired to do a Sluggy and have a give  away!

Me loves an apron.

I must get sewing or face being arrested by a naked cop.
Have a great and productive day!



  1. I love aprons. They are awesome.

  2. I use an apron while baking. I am a messy baker and save my clothes by using an apron. It often needs a wash because it is covered with dough bits or flour that I've ground into the weave from wiping my hands in a big hurry. I wish it had pockets. Maybe I will add some someday. Heh. I am curious as to what style your aprons are. Ranee from MN