Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, very blah around here...

    $29.97 Gas up the car.  $4.13 plastic containers
Used one can of corn and one of peas plus chicken out of freezer for chicken pie.

     I need a pep talk.  I am very blah today and the studio opens.  I just don't want to get back on the merry-go-round but I know I have to.  I also have a back-ache and am achy in general so that is not helping.  I am actually shivering right now and I need to get heated up.

     My Sissie's mother-in-law passed away yesterday and she is so sad.  I am sad for her.  I am not sure when the funeral will be but she will fly out and hub's and I will take off for Missoula for a few days.  This will get all the big furniture out of my shop.  Maybe seeing my Sissie will make me feel better.

     On Friday evening I went up to University to see girls and help organize the apartment.  It was not as bad as usual, as I have really been on them to get rid of things they don't wear or use.  I keep saying be ruthless.  I brought home a huge plastic bin of clothes to take to the resell.  I also got them to get rid of a cheap, nasty, Grandfather clock they had picked up at a yard sale.  It was tippy and did not work.  Just took up room they did not have.  That went into the dumpster.  Yeah!

     These companies that rent to college students take such advantage of them.  The drains in the bathroom have not worked properly for months.  Also the water in Moscow is very rusty and gross.  So the tub and sink are constantly full of soap scum as the water drains slowly.  They have reported this to maintenance for the last several months.  I went to Wal-mart and bought one of those long plastic snake hair removers for  $2.99.  Went back to the apartment and pulled several weasels out of both drains ( I could not believe how much hair was in those) and the tub, and sink work great.
     I did come home with a lot of laundry again, but I don't mind.  I would rather do it than have them take their stuff to a laundry mat and have it ruined.  It was nice to be with the girls for a couple days as I spent the night.

     We switched church times the first of the year and now go at 9 in the morning on Sundays.  I am not a good morning person, as I am very stiff and need a while to get around, but I do love the long afternoon naps.  Yesterday, I made chicken pie for dinner.  Yes there are left overs for today!

     I was at Winco with the girls getting a few groceries and I spied the Christmas plastic wear on sale.  We are constantly going through  this stuff, with hubs taking a lunch everyday and we freeze and use leftovers.  So I did allow myself to buy 4 sets, but nothing else in the stock up.  It is hard I am so used to looking for bargains.  I really had to justify buying these.

     Well I had better get busy and motivated.

Have a great and productive day!


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