Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday, I can do it all! maybe?

     No spend yesterday, I will take that!
My meat pie was delicious and so easy!  I am ashamed I haven't done this earlier.  Having the pie crusts already done and frozen was so amazing, because it took no time at all to put a fabulous pie together.  I will have to share sometime how I do my pie crusts.  Tonight we will eat leftovers.

     Well I did get a lot of work done on taxes, and I also worked in the yard!  Yippee!  See I can do both. I only have one more bush to trim in the back and it is done as far as trimming.  Unfortunately the clean up will take forever.  It was 65 yesterday so I did no sewing and I do need to sew today.  I also paid all the bills for the month on both the studio and the house, that was an undertaking.  See I will do anything to avoid working on the taxes even pay bills:)

     The beautiful hot sunshine that was pouring through the window yesterday seems to be gone.  It is still warm but the sunshine was the killer to my tax plans, I just could not resist the sun.  Hopefully it will stay behind a cloud for the afternoon and only come out when I am on my way down to the studio.

     Last night one of my old Irish dancers that had gone on to compete professionally came to teach class and it was so great.  The girls just love her and she is such a good teacher.  I am blessed with students that come back and help me do what I used to be able to do myself.  I am so grateful.

     So I have laundry started and I have to run through the house and then clean the kitchen, clean up, work on taxes, and sew a little before I go to the studio.  Yard work is out as I have to be at studio by 4 today.  I hope the house run through will warm me up as I am cold and shivery and feel like I have a cold coming on, like sneezy, sinus, ears plugged, head a little off, so far all symptoms except feeling physically cold are in my head, yeah most of my problems are in my head, Ha!

     Hey check out those totals, I paid bills, and I was so hoping to give every one a surprise and pay off something else but I had to rein myself in as I don't know what is going to happen as far as taxes are concerned and I have bills coming up that will need attention.  So I will save my money in a slush fund until I know for sure I can do what I want and then pay off another whopper.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I am impressed that you teach Irish dance!!! sweet...

  2. Being patient while paying stuff up (and not just paying it all NOW because it drives me nuts!) was pretty hard... but being patient pays off because life will always happen and do something unexpected. Meat pies sound delicious, but it makes me think of empanadas (equally delicious). Now I'm hungry!