Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday, breaking my own rules...

      We had white bean, chicken chili for dinner, husband loved it and it also used 7 cans out of the storage.  4 cans of beans, 2 chicken broth and 1 can chilies. Yahoo!  But as I am not out adding anything to my stash I had no onions in the house.  The milk that was left was bad so I quickly ran to the store and there I broke my rule for the new year.

       I picked up 10 lbs of 80/20 burger that had been accidentally marked $1.58 a lb.  The freezer had gone down that held the milk and eggs so things were being moved into the butcher section which is why I was there anyway.  I noticed the meat and saw a 3.5 lb package of burger was $16.99 Yikes!  For ground beef? Then the package right next to it was $5.36? So I started to dig and sure enough three packages miss marked.  I said something to the butcher and he said it was a mistake but he must give it to me at that price.  So I am sorry to say I bought it.  Broke my rule and bought it.  Just could not be that strong.

     I will make a meat loaf for dinner and then I am going to make Swedish meatballs to freeze. They will be used up soon believe me.  I had planned on doing corn chowder but will put that off until next week.

Spent $32.39 at store, on milk, soda, carrots, celery, onions, and burger.

     My hands are really bad today and I am a little worried about them.  I have so much sewing to do so that is scary. I am trying to loosen them up by typing and drugs, I hope it works.  I have to go and pay the house payment today and stop at the store for some sausage to make up the meatballs.  Must be at the studio by 4 and I need to really put my nose to the grind stone.

     So say a prayer for my wrists and hands as I am diving into my shop to get things done.

Out My Window:  It is a beautiful sun shiny day here.  Blue sky all around.  I want to work outside, alas I am tied to my machine because I have been a lazy.  Sniff, sad face.....

Have a great and productive day!





  1. I would have broke that rule too with that price. Hope your hands are better.

  2. I think we can forgive you for buying the beef for that price. I would have too. I hope your hands felt better as the day went on...