Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday, I'm over the moon and very crusty...

     No spend!
Have no idea what I am making for dinner, Hub's has eaten leftovers for the last two nights, or fended for himself.  Like beans and wienies.  So I need to get my creative juices flowing.  Actually I need to get in the tub and out of my pajamas, after all it is only 11:14.

     I am over the moon with delight at finishing the taxes as much as I am able.  I can put the mess away and get on with my normal life.  I really need to sew today and do some cleaning.  Things I have avoided this last few days of non stop adding machine chaos. 

     The week has gone so fast, I can't believe it is Thursday already, but that is nice because I will teach tonight and then have three days off and I really need three days off to get my new books set up for the year.  As the dance studio will go non profit I need to change the files and separate them, instead of running everything together.  It will take some getting used to.  I will have to develop new habits in regards to receipt's.  So I have two filing cabinets in my desk and one will be for the studio and one for home/shop.  It will work.  If someone from the board needs info they can get it out of the studio files and they are not mixed up with home files.

     I have not had very much work come in this week, which is weird as last week was so busy.  I have no excuses not to get something done in the shop as I have been such a slacker in that regard.

     Well I desperately need to get into the tub and get moving as in do something productive.

Have a great day!




  1. Enjoy a little break - you need it. Get in that tub and relax for few minutes, slip into something comfortable and smile. You are such an inspiration!