Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday, Happy Martin Luthern King's Day!

     Spent about $110.00 on groceries this weekend. Fruit, veggies, potatoes,laundry soap, soda, lot's of cheese, spices I was out of, boy are they expensive.  All told it is the 19th and we have spent $178.89 on groceries this month so I wonder if this new thing I have going of emptying the pantry is going to save us money on the grocery budget.

     I am going to make corn chowder tonight, using up bacon in freezer, and several cans of corn from storage.

     Saturday was a bust so to speak, as I was raring to go in the yard and as soon as I had my housework done and had gone outside to help hub's it started to rain and it did not quit until Sunday.  I was frustrated so I came inside and cleaned out 3 cupboards, and took a short nap.  We were invited to our friends house for dinner and a movie and had a nice time.  I did not have to cook!   Ate way too much dessert:)

     Sunday when we came home from church the power was out.  Of course it was a sunny warm 53 degree day and we could have worked in the yard but as it was the Sabbath we did not.  A transformer had blown so we had cold meatloaf sandwiches and snuggled up in bed.  Both of us took naps until about 4:30.  Lights were back on and Hub's went to orchestra practice, I watched Downton Abbey.  We just heated up leftovers for dinner.

     I learned years ago to keep the Sabbath day.  I am a workaholic and my body needs rest, now I look forward to a day where I can say without guilt I am resting.  

     Hub's has today off, I don't.  So I am wondering how yard work will go?  I guess I will get myself ready do a run through of the house, trash cans are all full (how does this happen?)  I need to clean out my food cupboard in the kitchen.  It is small and needs to be organized as stuff gets pushed around and forgotten.  The stuff we don't want to eat that is, and those 1/4 full bags  of dried up brown sugar, need to do something about those.  I also need to get some sewing done and get to the studio later. No rest for the wicked.

     Will meet with banker this week to go over papers for non profit status.  I am lost in it all and it is something that I need expert help with, I also will get the help of my accountant.  It is a process that is all I can say.

     I would love to just sit here and chat but life is calling and she is such a grouch when you don't answer.....

Have a great and productive day! 



  1. I would LOVE to rest on a Sunday!!! But that doesn't happen around here. Too much to do. I did sew and to me that is relaxing...

  2. I started a couple of weeks ago *trying* to rest on Sunday, but it just doesn't seem to want to happen.

    1. This is easier for me as I have no kids left at home, but even when they were little we all napped or had quite time on Sunday.

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