Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday, January blahs....

     No spend!
     Corn chowder was loved by all and there is enough left for hub's dinner tonight.
     I took out chicken breasts from the freezer, chicken Parmesan will use 2 quarts of tomatoes from storage,breadcrumbs, and Parmesan cheese, and spaghetti as a side.  I will make more sauce than needed and use it for some other dish later.

     January blahs are setting in, with the long dark days of overcast skies and fog.  I really am grateful for the rain we had last weekend but could it not have been on the week days?  I read of many bloggers who fight the January blues.  I try to stay busy doing something useful, but even that gets old. It seems like the same old , same old day after day.  Life just gets monotonous. I think we all need to see January a little differently.  Like a rest from the holidays.  A rest from the spending and running. A time to regroup and set new priorities.  (notice I didn't say goals?)  I have noticed that this year is a little better, and it is already the 20th, so maybe I will conquer my dread of January before I get much older.

     Hub's worked hard in the yard yesterday.  Maybe too hard.  I called him in about 12:30 to eat some leftover potatoes that I had hashed with onions and eggs.  He has essential tremors which are getting worse with age.  But his hands were shaking so bad he could not hold a fork and get food to his mouth.  He finally resorted to eating with his fingers.  Then I made him go take a nap as he had been up since 6, spending most of his time in the yard.

     I got busy with sewing and forgot about my chowder and scorched the crap out of it.  Luckily I remembered just in time and was able to save the majority by not scraping the bottom of my pot and transferring to another.  Oops!

     I really enjoyed my Celtic class last night, I just love those kids. Actually I love all my students, I just want to squeeze and hug them. I have calls into the school district to set up times to take them out on St. Paddy's day.

     Today is my typical day, of sewing, and cleaning and cooking, and I think I will add a load or two of laundry and then the dreaded paying of bills.  All before I go to the studio.  I need to be there at 4 today. So I had better get a move on, as I have a lot to do.

     What have you done to get over the January blahs?  Is it something you struggle with?



  1. Can you post your corn chowder recipe? I am looking for one.
    I usually have the January blues but this year I planned a mini weekend vacation so I had something to look forward to :-)

  2. Love that you write your blog early in your day as I can read it early evening in Northern Ireland.
    You do write good as I'm running round your house and work places with you. Lol keep up the good work but look after yourself as well.