Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday, back to the doctor.....

$17.85, peppers, soda, chilies, eggs on sale stock up!  Put frozen chicken in Judy (where is Judy?) told hub's to make himself a big salad for dinner, which he did.  I will do chicken enchiladas today for dinner and should have enough for tomorrow.

     Well my sinus infection is creeping back.  The headache I had Tuesday night that I thought was from dancing out with the girls all day was the beginning of the terrific sinus headache I could not get rid of yesterday.  I was feverish last night and cranky.  This morning I have this continual smokers cough (I don't smoke) I sound like someone with emphysema.  Hurts when I swallow.  So I cancelled the cataract appointment I had this morning to take measurements of my eye and upcoming surgery to try and get into my physician.  Ask me how tired I am of this crap!

     Are you tired of me because I am tired of me?

     Started choreography with my company kids last night it was fun even though I did not feel good.

Out My Window:  It is going to be beautiful today to bad I will be in bed for most of it!

no writing today just too ill.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. I really don't think you are going to get well and stay well until you learn to pace yourself and slow your life down! Your are doing TOO much! Even a young person would have a hard time keeping this schedule up. Get well please, but get to the real root of all your illnesses. You are driving yourself too hard.

  2. We all think you work very hard but you do what you feel you have to do. Unless someone has walked a mile or three in your shoes they can't really determine what is "too much". There is no simple solution when there is work to be done and bills to be paid but seeing the doctor is a good start - you may need antibiotics to kick this thing! Hope you get some sleep!

  3. When my daughter was 4 or 5, she had a horrible cough and my husband said it sounded like she was a chain smoker. She replied, "I AM a chain smoker! What's a chain smoker?" Still cracks me up!
    I hope you feel better soon! I've still got a cough that is lingering but it's getting better.