Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday, Happy Birthday Sissie!

No spend, ate scalloped potatoes and salad for dinner.  Will repeat tonight.  Have no cooking goals in head yet for the week.  I do have a head of cabbage that needs to be used, maybe a stir fry of some kind?  We will see.

     Sissie and I turn 57 years young today.  I am fat and she is skinny.  I am younger....... by seven minutes so I always win.  We will see each other in less than a month and I am so excited.  Have no Birthday plans.  Eldest daughter sent me some cake decorating things and I think a cake turn table is on it's way.  I love to bake cakes just have a hard time not eating them.  Decorating them is fun and creative.

     Hub's asked me what I wanted, and I thought a new garden bench for the front yard, but then I remembered we are adding nothing this year that has to be moved.  I am actually proud that so far this year and it is almost 1/3 over, I have only added socks, and one sweater.  The socks I needed the sweater I didn't.  I have been really good.  I don't see where it has saved me any money however.

     The shop was busy yesterday and I took in two bride dresses, I have a third coming in today.  I sewed pretty hard yesterday.  I was also able to get a list of bothersome to do tasks done for the studio, and really got a major bit of choreography done with the company.  I also was able to get all the laundry done. but still have one basket to put away and then I ironed a big stack of pillow cases and napkins, table cloth or two.

    I had two things happen yesterday that I thought of as blessings (actually our whole lives are blessings) but as I was working on the pillow cases I noticed that my mangler was not as hot as I thought is should be.  Now it started out strong and then seemed to peter out.  It was plugged in and turned on, then I was interrupted by a wedding dress so I turned it off.  When I turned it on again nothing.  No heat.  Crap!  This is a very expensive piece of equipment and it is 25 years old, I am not going to replace it any time soon.  So I started to pull it apart and the electrical attachment that went into the machine was loose.  I tightened a few screws and it worked!  SO HAPPY!

     I went to Wal-Mart last night (Aggravating) we needed honey and I needed CD's for the studio.  You can buy honey there in big containers cheaper than anywhere else.  I don't like to use my Bee's honey for bread baking or cooking.  I put these item in the back of the car and I could hear them rolling around as I drove home.  No big deal.  After I gathered the groceries I noticed the lid was off the honey and it was turned over on its side.  Has anyone ever spilled honey?  Panic ensued and I unwrapped the sack expecting a big mess and the little seal on the cap in side had held  NO MESS! Whew! missed the big one that time.

     Small silly blessing but I will count them anyway.

No story today, I have to go research a plane ticket.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday, all the best people are born in March!!

  2. Happy Birthday! What we do with cabbage is thinly slice it, so it shreds. Thinly slice an onion as well. Then get a big pan, olive oil, salt and pepper until hot. Throw in the cabbage and onions and stir fry until onions are soft. LOVE IT! We are actually having that tonight with beef fried rice.

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  4. Happy happy birthday Kim! Hope you had a great day! :)