Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday, My pantry

     I had two wedding dresses go out today and a couple of people pick up.  I did some banking and had my nails done, some thing I hate to do, but as I have now scratched my face in four places and torn skin off it is a necessity.  I swear my skin gets thinner every day.  Anyway lil siss and I took mom out for dinner tonight and even though I just tasted everything the soup filled me up.  So hub's will be happy with leftovers.

     We will head out tomorrow about 10 in the morning.  I hope mom takes the trip okay.  It is a long time in a car for her.  I am still wiped out from the flu, just tire very easily.  Or I am just lazy, can't figure out which.

My pantry list:  This is all kept downstairs on shelves or in the garage on shelves

can coconut milk                                                      6 -1/2 gallons of cooking oil
large container of oats                                              3 quart cans of honey
5 cans of tomato paste,10 cans tom sauce                1 gallon of home canned honey
3-1/2 gallons of apple juice                                      16 1 lb boxes of various pastas
12 quarts of home canned tomatoes                         5 jars of mayo 
6 quarts of home canned peaches                             1 case of cranberry sauce
1 gallon of white vinegar                                           3 large bottles of ketchup
1 large bottle of corn syrup                                       3 1lb bag of barley
1 gallon of pancake syrup                                         2 cans of ready made frosting
2 large cans of fruit cocktail                                    10 assorted cake mixes

 4 cans of pumpkin                                     1/2 case pork n beans
 lemon curd                                                1 case of corn 
 lime curd                                                   1 case of green beans
2 large jars of peanut butter                        20 pints of various home made jams 
12 cans of chili                                           16 cans of beans, black, kidney, northern, garbanzo
2 cans of mandarin oranges                        12 cans of milk
6 cans of progresso soup                            6 gallons of canned wheat kernels     
2 bottles of olive oil                                    1 can chilies
6 cans of cream chicken soup                     3 bottles of mustard
6 cans cream mush soup                             2 cans diced tomatoes

10-5 lb bags of white sugar                    Different sizes of plastic bags
10 2 lb bags of powder sugar                 saran wrap, tin foil, wax paper, 2 boxes each 
8 2lb bags of brown sugar                      paper bags, many different light bulbs
10 packages of crisco sticks                  dish soap 4 bottles
5 - 10 lb bags of flour white                   2 boxes laundry pods  
3 10 lb bags of dried legumes                 several bottles of various cleaners
5 boxes of salt
6 boxes soda
2 boxes baking powder
12 bottles of various spices, and extracts

I have a freezer on both my refrigerators.  We have never owned a large freezer.

In the freezer up stairs:                                                  In freezer downstairs:

4 home made pie crusts                                                4 packages of pork chops
8 packages of chicken breasts                                      4-2 lb packages of lean ground beef
12 1 lb packages of lean burger                                    2- 1/2 gallons ice cream
3 packages of steak                                                     4 containers of cool whip
2 packages of ham                                                       1 beef roast
2 packages of home made frozen waffles                      6 beef steaks

2 bags of home made peach pie filling                           8-1 lb packages of butter
1 large bag of home pitted cherries                               several bags of frozen hand picked fruits for jam

1 large bags of picked blackberries
1 large bag of frozen sliced and dried onions
6 bags of frozen veggies
1 large bag of frozen black bananas
2 large bags of walnuts
1 large bag of pecans
2 large container of soup stock homemade
1 large container of bean soup
2 loaves of banana bread
10 bags of various choc,chips

Our kitchen cupboards are fully stocked with all of these items and when I run out of something I run downstairs and get another bottle, box or can.

We also store food in large containers in our garage, we have, oats, beans, wheat,peas, legumes,water,powder milk, eggs, cheese, spices.  Survival foods.  We buy oats in 50 lb bags.  I restock my legumes from large 25 lb containers.

We do not buy eggs when the chickens are laying.

When you newspaper comes out with the weekly grocery adds look at what is really on sale.  I mean like a deep discount.  when you see this and you use the item go and buy several.  As you go through the markets look for mark downs.

example:  Cereal was really marked down this last month, between Rite-aid and Albertsons, and Kellogs coupons stacked with manufacturer coupons I purchased 20 boxes of cereal.  Most were under a 1.50 a box.  So I stocked up.

example: look for meat that is marked with 50% off stickers and then take home and freeze.  Buy large bulk family packs and repack in smaller packages.

example: pasta was on sale for .69 a box I also had 1.00 off coupons on 4 packages dropping the price further. Making them .44 cents  so I bought 16 bags or boxes.

I really buy nothing unless it is on a large mark down.  I don't have to because I can wait until it goes on a loss leader.

Veggies almost always go on sale 3/1 in January, so far this year I have not seen this and I am waiting.

Baking supplies are stocked at Christmas or after Christmas.

My usual trip to the store involves, milk, bread, cheese, crackers, carrots, celery, fresh veggies on sale, lettuce, fresh fruit, pickles, soda (our one vice) and what ever I can find marked down.  That is it.

This pantry has filled many a college apartment.  I have also taken food to people in need.  I can set up a pantry for anyone I hear about that needs help.

More on paper goods and personal items next week.

Try setting up a staples pantry,  You will never regret it.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah you are a morman at heart at least in the storage department.

  2. Wow you have a massive food inventory too! I still need to inventory my freezers and fridges, but I am feeling particularly lazy or I want to use up some of the food in them so I can actually move stuff around to inventory!

    1. Crazy huh? Mine is small compared to many people I know.

  3. While I don't have that much food, there is only me to feed. Well, I do feed exbf once each week and send cooked food home with him. I don't send enough for a meal the next day like I did long ago. He often gets enough meat and different cuts to eat for a week. Often, most of it is frozen.

    Because I manage to get food soooo much cheaper and I cook but he does not, he eats better. Well, I got off track. But, I rarely pay full price for anything due to Walmart price-match. I can match to stores in Birmingham and Huntsville and others here.

    EX: I bought grapes for $.99 when the regular price was $3.48 to $2.98. For two months, I paid $99 for a gallon of milk. Before that, milk was $1 at Kroger. The normal price is $3.40 for the cheapest full-price milk. Both these examples are price-matches at WM.

  4. Wow! You have quite a food stock. I like to be stocked up but not quite that much. When we have a slow month, we cN get by with just milk and fresh produce and soda. I love soda! I wish I didn't but I do. It's a side effect of growing up poor and never having it then.

    1. You know my mother always had a huge storage pantry. When we were really little and living in an apartment complex down by the college in Fargo. people would come to our place during bad snow storms, or right before payday. I did not realize and dad ran a food pantry. I think the fact that they were immigrants made them very generous.