Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday, I am seeing spiders

     One forgets just what a miracle life really is until you see a baby that is just minutes old.  Their skin is so soft and translucent like velvet.They are so beautiful.  So this new little cousin is now part of our universe.  I spent the day with his older brothers, and even though I was not home sewing I still had work come in that needs to be done tomorrow.  So on top of everything else it will be a busy day.

     Hub's said it is supposed to be nice today so maybe if I get busy right away this morning I can get a few hours in the yard.

     Yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment at 1 in the afternoon.  The baby was supposed to be induced Thursday but they moved it up so I had Hub's come by the house to sit with the 3 year old while I ran over to the eye doctor.  Well the secondary cataract on my right eye was so bad the doctor insisted that I go right into surgery.  I guess with my Sjogren's syndrome he did not want the eye getting any tighter or drier.  So I called hub's and said I was going to be lazered.  It was really quite painless, just like little stabbing pricks that went away immediately.  Usually you have two or three zaps but I had about 12, the doctor said the cataract was alot thicker than it appeared.  My eyes always have something weird.  Anyway now I am seeing these little black spiders that look like flies I am trying to bat away.  I guess this will last about 24 hours.  I am anxious to see how much clearer my vision is after the dilation is completely gone.  In the mean time stay out of my way as I am slapping the air in attempts to bat away the bugs that are flying around my head.

     I hope it is warm and sunny today I could really use some worm and sunny.  BAT, Slap...

Have a great and productive day!




  1. You certainly need your vision for your sewing work! Hopefully, the "spiders" will go away soon. You could get into trouble slapping people along the way.

    Babies are so sweet smelling. Love them.

  2. Ok, I'll keep an arms length out of your way today. Glad your eye is done and on the road to seeing clearer tho.

  3. You were fortunate you could get that done "on the spot"! My older sister has had to wait over a year to get her cataracts done. We may have free universal health care but the wait list is getting longer and longer for a number of procedures that all of us baby boomers seem to need. Hoping you heal quickly and get rid of those pesky spiders!

  4. So glad you got the cataract taken care of and now you can swat those spiders. I can't even begin to imagine how many you will see while working on those white wedding dresses.

  5. I can't even begin to imagine. I get an occasional floaty and find it extremely annoying. Hope your spiders quickly depart!

    1. They are slowly waning. Not as bad as they were yesterday.