Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday, My Monday....

     My day started out with wedding dresses.  I had one come in that was so dirty on the bottom.  It was either a shop model and tried on a lot or it was used.  I had ripped down the sides to take it in and I knew the dirty under arms would disappear with the alterations but the bottom?  So it got a bath with ivory soap and warm water. See the yellow clog's marking the first day of spring.  Bottom of dress and train in soapy tub. 

 Here the poor darling is drip drying, I will alter it tomorrow and then bustle it up.
       This poor darling is a third generation dress that is getting an over haul.  Unfortunately it was very yellowed and reaked of nicotine .  So it was soaked for an hour in biz.  Look at the color of the water.  New water and a fresh cup of biz and let it soak for 2 days then after it drips dry I will figure out how we will rework it to the brides liking.    

     I sewed most of the day, the shop was very busy.  I took in another wedding dress that was so smelly from cigarettes it is hanging in the garage and will have to air there for a few days before I bring it in the shop.  Or I might throw it is the dryer with a dryer sheet on air fluff.

     This is the time of year the shop gets busy.  I really have to stay on top of things.  Right now the house needs love, I need to take down and put away St Patricks day that will only take a few minutes.  Mom will want to decorate for Easter.  I want to find time to do this before I have to go and take care of my niece that is having a baby Wednesday morning.

            This mess is the garden spot.  Terrifying, rock ways torn up, such a disaster.       

Here you see part of the drain I started to reconstruct and the flag stone path that is torn up.  Oh and the cat that helps.

  Here is the dog that helps and the stairs that will be redone and the brick walkway, the drain pipe and the general mess.  Ugh!

 Stairs that will be replace and the entire deck repainted.  So much flippen work.
  A view of the drain going to the turn around the end of the lot.  Piles of rock and dirt covering every patio and surface.
 See the piles of rocks that have to be cleaned.  This large patio also has to be leveled as it is dipping in the center and needs to slope away from the house.  So much work. I built this patio 25 years ago it is set on leveled sand.  But I am much older now.
 Here is the twenty feet that I started leading from the pond drain.  I did it wrong and I have to redo it.  I cried when I found out, but at least the rock is clean.
The disaster from another angle.

So this is my day washing wedding dresses and sewing and trying to spend a few hours out in the mess of a back yard.

 The shop is really busy, mom is not feeling well and I have to teach today.  It is going to be a long day.

So you guys out there knock yourselves out, I am going to.

Have a great and productive day! 



  1. Maybe this is a stupid question, but why not have your husband do the outdoor work since you are so busy with every thing else?

    1. Hub's cannot bend over and also has essential tremors which cause his hands to shake if they are over worked. He is also lazy, that is a nice way to put it.

  2. That does look like a huge project! I'm glad my dh doesn't mind doing that stuff. I just help where/when I can :)

    1. I wish Hub's could or would do more but he is slow and not very motivated.

  3. You have some project I do not envy. The French drain job, ugh!
    I think the fact that people reuse wedding dresses is a wonderful thing, but I can't believe they bring them to you reeking and dirty!

    1. You would be amazed. To them they are clean. If you are a heavy smoker you don;t smell the smoke.

  4. I assume they expect you to wave your magic wand and make those dresses like new again? I also assume you are charging big time for this magic wand. Cheryl

  5. Wow! The miracles you can do to those wedding gowns! And I feel for you with the back yard fiasco. I wish I didn't have dogs that loved to burrow under the fences and poop.

    1. I have a dog that loves to poop but she is territoried so really does not leave the yard or dig under things, She will bury her treasures how ever. Like dead squirrels.

  6. My daughter wanted to use my wedding gown, but it was a lace, fitted sheath. She was heavier and shorter, so there would not be much she could do. I was very slim. If I were there, I could have taken it apart and remade it. The train was satin and attached to a high-waist long-sleeve sort of top that buttoned up with the little satin buttons. I copied it from a bride magazine in 1966. I was 19 when I made it, the first wedding dress I ever made.

    I use LOC from Amway for stains like that. I will check into Biz.

    You should see the monster rocks I hauled 30 years ago. Maybe that is what is wrong with my back! I was younger and stronger, too. Don't hurt yourself so that you cannot sew all these gowns. The yard will be a mess after wedding season.