Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday, wiped out

     It was a crazy hard day on Tuesday.  I got started a little late and the projects I had lined up to work on were hard.  Tailoring is completely different than alterations.  It is detailed and difficult and I had to tailor an expensive mans suit.  Jackets are tough when the shoulders have to come in.  It is a math puzzle to take in certain seams and return the arm  of the jacket back to the body, then all the padding and under seams and the lining all has to be reattached by hand.  Very time consuming and difficult.  Then I had to baste the dried wedding dress back together and but in a bustle as the bride will be here on Thursday.   I just felt like I was hunched over the machine and really did not finish any thing and then it was time to teach.

     I arrived home a little after nine and had to take in and hem a pair of tux pants and finish the Jacket of the suit I had been working on earlier.  I am going to take care of my nephews little boys today as their mom is having another baby.  I also have an eye doctor appointment at 1:00 I need another cataract surgery.  This will be minor but still must be done.  Anyway no sewing today as I will be dealing with the boys.  So Thursdays work had to be completed.

     Did you know you can do and entire 48 minute walking/exercise video with hand weights with your eyes closed most of the time? I know this is possible because I did it last night before I went to bed, I was so tired.

     I am still so tired.  The weather is  mostly awful.  At least that keeps me from being drawn outside.

I need a nap.Maybe I can slip one in while watching the youngest boy who is 3 while the others are at school.  After I take all of them to see their new brother I will need to take them home and feed them and get them to bed.  I think Mc Donalds is calling my name, I am that kind of Aunt.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I enjoy tailoring but not altering tailored clothes, especially men's jackets. My rounded shoulders are probably from sitting hunched over the machine for sixty years and holding babies, but not at the same time. The weather was so pretty I was able to sit and enjoy it today. You certainly seem to have a lot on your plate these days. McD surely is calling your name or should be. Several of us are up late tonight.

  2. Wow - four boys! I have a cousin who had six girls before giving up on getting a boy. I am amazed at your sewing abilities!

    1. Well I had 5 girls before giving up on having a boy. I told Hub's as I was pushing out the last one at 36, "I am never doing this again!