Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday, 2 in a row no way!

     I had such great plans for yesterday and it started out so well.  But before I got my pile leftover from the day before done, my sewing machine broke.  I mean flat our would not pick up a stitch.  This machine was purchased for me by Hub's for Christmas so is still under warranty.  So frustrating.  I did everything I could think of, but to no avail. So loaded up the machine and took it back to the shop where it was purchased to be sent int.  Then I returned to open a new machine  which I had on hand.

     Now I have to learn the ins and outs of a new machine.  Luckily I have sewed enough I can get the jist of the basic stitches, but it is still going to be a learning curve for everything.  When I was finally able to sew again, I get a text from studio owner.  The fair is going on and her daughter's 4-H modeling has been announced at the  time she teaches an advanced tap class, can I go down?

     I continued sewing and actually did get down what I had planned for the day, so I can't complain about work.  I really enjoyed the class.  It is fun to work with dancers you can just throw choreography at and they pick it up.  All of us really got a work out.

     Then is was onto a relief society meeting.  About twice a year we have a Zion's market where we clean out our homes and bring anything extra to the church to trade or bless others.  What is not taken is then taken to Goodwill.  There was a lot of nice stuff there, but I only took home  hangers for the shop.  Hub's threatened to frisk me when I got home to see if I brought anything we did not need.  The shop always needs hangers.  I was safe.

     While I was helping clean up I received a call from D#2 she was in town with Will and was going to stay over night at Lil sis's as we had no beds. So both Hub's and I went over to Lil Sis's to see our sweet William and daughter.  He is so funny and cute.  I am telling you grandchildren are the best.

     Today I have the littles and William so it is a houseful.  Both littles are teething and very cranky today.  They are usually so good.  I just had a bride try on and the dress fits great it is now time for me to finish it.  So I will try and fit that in after the chaos quiets down.  I also have a dirndl (German) to enlarge that I tore up yesterday.  I am getting there.  I have a lab coat to shorten the sleeves, 4 shirts to hem, the horrid  mother of the bride I have been avoiding, some zippers to replace and coats to alter.  If I don't take in anything new I think I can do all of this before we leave.

    I just broke up a fight and came back to sit on a truck, ouch and now I think there are some stinky pants to change and I am not talking about Hub's.

I am off to conquer the world one diaper at a time.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I still am in awe about you taking care of kids and a shop at the same time. oh, do tell the story soon about the horrid mother of the bride. Maybe leave a few pins in her dress. I'm feeling snotty today.

  2. Wow! good on you to be taking care of littles!! So fun!
    And I'm dying to hear the MOB story too!

  3. I wanna hear it too! Sounds like you are doing great recently.