Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday, Sunny, cooler, beautiful

     Arthritis is still at an all time high.  I am hoping for some relief within the week.  This is a rotten disease.  I think I am doing really well and then bam it reminds me who is boss.

     I cleaned the shop and started the laundry yesterday while waiting for bride.  She came and picked up dress and seemed very happy.  then I went to the bank and purchased a few more moms on sale.  I want to put them into a section of the front flower bed that I am redoing.  Yeah like my hands and wrists will allow me to dig anything right now.  Laugh/cry/laugh.

     Youngest daughter came down yesterday to take things out of Lil sis's basement that belonged to mom.  She took a very large over sized dresser that had been down there for 3 years.  She also took the day bed that was purchased for mom in her last year.  This bed was used at Lil sis's for mom to sleep in downstairs.  Getting mom upstairs at night during those last few months was just too hard. So now these things will grace the spare room at B's.

     Lil sis and I went out a did a little grocery shopping for the few things I needed.  I also took her to Joanns to buy new fabric to cover her dining chairs.  Then we visited for about an hour.  She had washed and cleaned all her bed linens upstairs from having company, so I helped her remake the three beds.

  I have the lesson in Relief Society today, so I have been looking that over and mulling it around in my brain. I think I will go and walk the bridges this morning and see if that helps loosen up my upper body.  I am desperate for any thing that helps.

     It is a beautiful Sabbath, and I can't wait to get out in the cooler sunshine.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.



  1. I'm sorry about the arthritis. I have that as well and some days are easier than others. I hope you do find some relief this week. I hope you have a beautiful Sabbath too.

    1. I seem to be over the hump, but tomorrow will be the telling. Thanks.

  2. I'm trying to develop a better walking habit. My daughter and I are about to go for one=hopefully it has cooled down.

    1. I love to walk and used to run every day. I really miss it.