Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday, Money saving madness

     I haven't been able to do a Monday post for a while with my crazy schedule, so it is nice to be home on a Monday to get one done.  Even when I am traveling I am trying to find ways to save money and I do.  So among my list today will be things I did while out of town.

     You might think these things are silly or unnecessary but they really add up. All of these small savings can eventually affect your bottom line.  I don't feel like I cannot do things that I enjoy like planting flowers and giving gifts.  I just try and spend as little as possible when doing these things.  My life is full of beauty and giving and that makes me happy.

1. We (sister) packed a cooler with drinks to and from Missoula so we did not have to stop.
2. Found .65 left in a change receiver at Albertsons.
3. found .10 on ground outside hotel.
4. Went shopping and bought new pj's 80 % off.
5.  When trying to purchase clothing for my nieces, I happened upon a woman returning clothes at Old navy.  All her things were clearanced out  for .97 or 1.97.  I asked to buy them as they were the right sizes.  So 2 beautiful sweat suits, 5 tops, for girls and two shirts for grandson for $22.00 no tax in Montana. Over $300.00 in clothing.
6. Ordered water when dining out most of the time.
7. split meals with sisters as portions are so large.
8. made 3 large pans of lasagna using pantry ingredients to feed others and save money.
9. ate tomatoes, squash, lettuce  (second planting) from the garden
10. only ran the dishwasher once this week when full.
11. found small mums on sale for $1.00 a piece in Missoula so purchased 20 with no tax.
12. Had hubs buy potting soil on close out for pots.  End of season clearance.
13. cooked all meals while home from scratch.
14. Went to store, bought only what was needed and use coupons for some items.
15. flipped the collar on one of husbands short sleeve shirts.
16. used coupons to buy supplies at Joanns.
17. Purchased 2 pairs of dansko clogs from girlfriend who didn't like them.  They have not even been worn, so gifts for younger daughter, birthday and Christmas.
18. When in Missoula put back many things I was about to purchase, telling myself I did not need them.  I am getting better at this.
19. Continued to use wax wraps and used food containers to save, on buying new plastic and tinfoil.
20. neighbor gave us peaches and I cut them up and froze for muffins later.
21. down sized 3 pots form my outdoor pots, I have to many and they get harder to take care of.
22. found weed spray and plant food on close out for $1.00 a bottle and .50 a pack. It works great!  what a bargain!
23.Fed all food scraps to chickens
24. saved all my change from Missoula to add to my pig bank.

     So I continue my frugal life style with my goal to pay off the house asap.  Right now it is just to add at least $1000.00 a month to the principle.  If I do that we should be in the $20's before the new year.

     I found myself in Missoula with all the shopping and debt free.  I could have gone crazy, but my no spending habits are becoming more ingrained.  I did buy things but very few.  I just don't need anything.

     I have a boat load of things to do in the shop today, plus all the ironing from things wore this last week.  There are 4 wedding dresses to be altered before I leave on our vacation, plus a myriad of other things.  I am blessed with work and I am so excited about being able to use almost all our free money toward the house.

      Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. #18
    I have for years given items a ride around the store and then returned them to the rack or shelf because I did not need them.

    Little things do add up as you have demonstrated.

    1. This a anew habit of mine and I am trying hard to make it stick.

  2. Well done. I don’t buy things unless I really need them. It’s just too hard to get rid of all the excess to bring anything I don’t really need in the house.

    1. But you are so much OLDER and wiser than me. Hee, hee....

  3. Danskos are so comfortable! Your list helps me to do better too.

  4. Isn't it interesting that by being frugal for so long, it becomes second nature, and when you are debt free, stuff does not matter any more. Now THAT is financial peace.

    1. I know, who knew. Yet as many times as I have tried I just could not get myself here.

  5. I love that frugality is so ingrained in you even on a trip. Great job! I will be making pans of lasagna this weekend. I am happy to be back using my oven again.

    I am rooting you on to pay off that mortgage!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes having this habit is making me think will I ever be able to buy anything again without guilt?