Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday, Thanks, money savng madness

     Thanks for all the kind responses to my dilemma.  I really think the Lil penpen was right.  Some people just don't value my time, or my knowledge.  I need to be firmer and I have a tendency to be a push over.  I want people to like me.  I think I am hard to like.  This makes me paranoid.  I am getting better as I age but old hurts and habits die hard.

     I am almost finished with my last wedding dress, then I have shirts to shorten and a flower girl dress to shorten and some zippers to tackle.  I will take in nothing new until we get back.

     Sluggy has purchased my diet coke so I don't have to worry about that.  It is a big worry!  Now I have to worry about getting ready to go.  What do I pack, how much do I pack?  Where is my passport, my phone chargers, my meds, my brain.    What are we doing with the dog, the cats, the chickens, who will water the flowers?  So much to think about.  Ugh!

     But I am so excited to see Sluggy and her husband.  I know we will have fun and lots of laughs and see so many great things.  I can hardly wait.

Money saving madness  Sept.16th-22nd 2018

1.  Ate all meals at home, but one
2. Used food from pantry and freezers for all meals cooked
3. Used onions, squash, tomatoes, peppers out  of garden
4. Utilized wax wraps and bowl covers for food storage to prevent using plastic.
5. Made 4 loaves of home made bread, one to give away and 3 to eat.  They are gone so we must like it.
6. Fed all food scraps to the chickens.
7. recycled egg cartons from friends in exchange for free eggs.
8. Accepted bread bags from friends for rug project.
9. bought only necessitates at store
10. paid attention to receipt and saw where I was over charged for an item, store reimbursed me over $10.00 and I was able to get item free as was their policy.
11. Helped little sis rearrange her kitchen as she bought a new full size fridge.  So I will get my small fridge back and I will also get her and mom's small chest freezer.  I have never had a freezer and I am excited about it.  I will deal with this  when I get home.  I am so excited.
12. Used coupons at Joanns for items needed
13. Took Lil sis to get fabric to recover her dining chairs and decided we needed to do new valances in dining room, so helped her save money.
14.Flipped the collar of another shirt for hubs.
15.Used leftover wedding things to fix a wedding dress, allowing me to charge accordingly.

What have you done this week to save money?

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. I envy the acquisition of TWO freezers! That is different than being jealous of your good fortune.

    Okay, the truth. You are a victim , first, of linguistic discrimination. You are a seamstress and not a tailor. Tailors are men professionals, or it was so in the past. They command respect. A seamstress was a woman who usually had no husband and decided to "take in sewing" to survive. Or if she had a husband, he drank up anything he made or was stingy with her.

    The perception of a woman in your position is "desperate." Plus, you have no saleable skills or you would have a steady or "real" job. I can say this because (1) it is true, and (2) I have been in the exact position. Plus, your job is just meant to give you the equivalent of "pin money," a trivial amount of money not intended to pay the bills, just money to buy incidentals.

    Besides, if a woman works at such a position, she obviously does not need so much money. If she did, she would get a "real job." Yes, you had a real job as a dance teacher, respected work, and you just sewed or now sew as a side gig to get a bit of money.

    It is a harsh reality, but this idea is pervasive on many fronts. Plus, your female trait of needing to please and be liked, coupled with bias makes a sad outcome some days.

    Unfortunately, sewing is just a craft, not a real or respectable job in the eyes of most. I faced this, too.

    I know everyone can say,
    "oh, no, we respect seamstresses." Maybe you do. But, in reality, many people don't.

    Okay, I will quit.

    1. Wow, Linda you should publish this.

    2. I will on my blog. This is what my Women's Study Degree is good for--seeing it and telling it like it is. You might be surprised how many women I have informally helped with talk like this, whatever their problems may be. Thanks. I was afraid you would poopoo it as hogwash.

    3. My twin read this and was very impressed. She called me right away and asked me if I had read it.

  2. Looks like a good week. I hope you stand firm with the wedding mom.

  3. I want you to come here and style me (yea and do any alterations I need for the wedding dress)
    I even understand that all services must be paid for!

    Hope you have a blast on the trip!

  4. I would love to. I think Slug and I need to take a trip to see you and few others put that on our bucket list.

  5. It would be great to have a round robin type blog trip!