Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday, Kim plans, God laughs

      I was a busy beaver yesterday as I only had about 4 hours to complete sewing tasks before I taught.  So I quickly steamed these three dresses and left them to dry.

Then I hemmed the jeans on the left. and I also hemmed 8 more pair of little boys pants that I did not take a picture of.  They wreaked of cigarette smoke  and I had a hard time getting through them, but, I was on a roll as I was able to complete all of this by noon.  Now I had time to do up 5 pillows for a client.  I planned to do the hand work when I got home from teaching.  All I had left to do was hem a wedding dress. I had already taken off the lace bottom and I was able to cut 8 layers and hem one and get the horse hair braid layer ready to sew.  It was now about 2:30 and I was getting a little headachey so I decided to stop and take some Aleve and rest before teaching. As I was getting up from my machine I saw halos of lights around my eyes and I thought Oh, Oh  this is a migraine symptom, but I really just had a sight headache.

     I went in and sat  down by Hub's to check messages on my cell phone.  Looking at the screen made my head exploded.  Hub's told me to go up and lay down to see if it would pass.  I ended up vomiting and laying in a darkened room for 4 hours. Hubs came in and held me and rubbed my head for about an hour, no dance, no sewing, no banking.  I never miss teaching, I was so shocked this came on so fast but it did.  In the evening I was very light headed and queasy, sick to my stomach, sweaty, it was so much fun.

     So now I am playing catch up, crap.  Double crap.

     Anyway enough complaining, I did go down and pay another $700.00 on the house principle so I have made my $1000.00 goal for the month.  I can probably do more but all other monies will be put in savings as I don't know how much our trip will cost and I want some money put aside.  I also have to pay for the things I purchased in Missoula, for my nieces, hotel, meals, etc.  No debt for me.  When the bill comes in it is paid from now on.

     All in all not a bad day, but I always think I am invincible and I am not.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


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